Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron tease spin-off reality show ‘to share more of their story’ – The Sun

LOVE Is Blind’s most prominent success story could be set for their own spin-off reality show.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton got married on the Netflix show and have won over viewers' hearts with their genuine connection.

The couple fell in love during the hit series and got engaged after just 10 days.

Now, they have hinted at the possibility of a reality spin-off show that tracks their lives after their fairytale wedding in 2018.

The pair stressed that they are open to a Love Is Blind side project because they "want to share more of their story."

Speaking to E! News the couple talked about their journey from seeing each other for the first time to walking down the aisle.

"I felt better about it because I knew the authenticity of it," Cameron said on declaring 'I love you' through a wall.

"I knew that I fell in love with her for who she is as a person, versus the fact that she's gorgeous. I mean, we all know that."

Lauren and Cameron went on to thank the show for the unique blind dating concept.

Lauren added: "I experienced a connection with Cameron that I had never experienced before. I mean, we cried on our second date, talking about our family. I felt so open.

"And in a weird way, I know it was a short amount of time, but I felt like this guy is really here for me."

The couple were also thankful for the gap between production and the release of the show, attributing it to the success of their relationship.

Cameron explained: "We kind of tried to not think about it so much and just focus on building our relationship, because we knew it was far way away into the future that it was gonna come out.

"It was tough, but it was better really than it just coming out, because we got to bond and develop and grow together."

Love Is Blind was filmed in 2018, giving Lauren and Cameron over a year-and-a-half to be able to solidify their relationship without interruption or distraction.

Season 1 of Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now whilst Love Is Blind: The Reunion will be available to watch on Netflix on Thursday March 5.

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