Louis Theroux explores gruesome Jeremy Bamber murders case in new true crime doc

Journalist and documentary film maker Louis Theroux has announced his latest series, The Bambers: Murder At The Farm.

The new series airs at 9pm on Sunday September 26 at 9pm, on Sky Crime and subscription service Now, with all episodes available to watch straight after.

In the series, Theroux looks into the case of Jeremy Bamber and the circumstances surrounding the murder of his family in August 1985.

The new series, which has been produced by Theroux, includes recreations of the scene, interviews and also unheard recordings of Jeremy Bamber.

Police were called to White House Farm in Essex in 1985, where they found Bamber's parents June and Nevill, both 61, sister Sheila Caffell, 28, nicknamed 'Bambi', and Sheila's six-year old twins, who had been shot and killed.

Although the crime initially appeared to be a murder-suicide, evidence led to the arrest of Jeremy Bamber, then 24 years old, who was charged and convicted of all five murders.

Bamber, who was sentenced to life in prison, maintains his innocence and has been fighting his conviction ever since.

The case was also recently the subject of ITV crime drama White House Farm in 2020, starring Freddie Fox as Jeremy Bamber, and Stephen Graham and Mark Addy as police detectives DCI Thomas Jones and DS Stan Jones.

Talking about his new series in an interview with the website Tyla, Theroux said that the case is "divisive” and urged people to approach his new series “with an open mind, or at least in a spirit of curiosity”.

Theroux said, "it's a high-profile case. It's a case that continues to fascinate and intrigue people."

"It's a case that has kept in the headlines by the fact that Jeremy Bamber is consistently [and] has consistently maintained his innocence, and is in fact the only prisoner in the UK on a full-life tariff who has consistently maintained their innocence."

“Whether you believe he did it, or she did or even someone else did it," said Thereoux, "There are things that are hard to explain, and that’s I think what’s so intriguing, [and] so weird about the case.

Theroux also said that the subject is “highly-charged and it’s deeply emotional" and "there are people who are passionately committed on both sides”.

Theroux has worked as a journalist and documentary film maker for 25 years, and is reknowned for his insightful documentaries about a variety of topics.

He is also known for his documentaries including Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends and Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic.

Theroux has received two British Academy of Television Awards and a Royal Television Society Award in recognition of his work.

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