Lorraine Kelly slates Meghan Markle’s Ellen Show outfit saying ‘It looks like moths have been at it'

LORRAINE Kelly has shared her thoughts on Meghan Markle's surprise interview on The Ellen Show – and she was not impressed with one thing in particular.

The Duchess of Sussex's sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres aired on Wednesday and during her show today Lorraine addressed Meghan's outfit choice.

She said: "I’ll tell you what else has got people talking – it’s Meghan’s outfit. I thought she looked absolutely stunning, although when you see it like that it looks like moths have been at her sleeves! Big moths in the Ellen studio – you don’t get that here!"

Lorraine, 61, also had something to say about Meghan's prank on the show, during which she pretended to be a cat and approached unsuspecting members of the public.

But Lorraine – who compared the segment to something Ant and Dec would do – suggested the public were too in awe of Meghan to react in any way.

She said: "I mean, fair play to her for going for it. But the reaction, usually, is when Ant and Dec do it, it’s the reaction of the public that’s really, really funny,’ she said. 

"But you can see they were so overawed, all of the people there, that they just went, 'Yeah, yeah', and weren’t reacting!"

Discussing Meghan's possible reasons behind the Ellen interview, Lorraine added: "But yeah, interesting. I’m not sure but I think a lot of it is to do with that she really does want to promote her campaign for paid parental leave for people, so good on her for that, I guess."

It comes after Lorraine had her say on Meghan and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, writing in The Sun that they'd destroyed their relationship with the royal family for good.

Lorraine said: "Meghan and Harry have wrecked their relationship with his family and I ­honestly don’t see how they will ever be able to repair the damage unleashed by this weekend’s bombshell Oprah interview."

She added: "The trouble is when you attack The Firm you are essentially attacking The Queen, and that is crossing a line. I’m baffled as to why Harry and Meghan would both want to do a no-holds-barred interview with Oprah. What on earth do they have to gain?"

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