Loose Women's most explosive on-air rows from Miss Great Britain bust-ups to panellists likening each other to Hitler

LOOSE Women isn't always a bastion of calm, reasoned debate.

In fact, six-year show veteran Saira Khan slammed the "toxic" TV environment and revealed she was "absolutely not" best friends with her co-stars before she quit in January.

Saira, 51, left the ITV daytime programme after being involved in a number of fiery on-air clashes – but said her departure was actually about being able to "focus on what's important".

"TV became too toxic," Saira told Platinum magazine. "We are paid to be feisty as that's what makes good telly. I left on my terms.

"People think you're best friends with everybody on Loose Women. You're absolutely not! You have to just tolerate [some people] because you've got to get the job done."

Sometimes that tolerance between presenters and guests has spectacularly broken down.

Here are some of the biggest Loose Women bust-ups – from accusations of Nazi-like views to guests storming off the show.

'That is not acceptable'

One of Saira's most memorable moments on Loose Women came when she waded into the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle row last year.

The PM's former adviser sparked uproar when it emerged he'd travelled hundreds of miles during the first national lockdown while experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.

On Loose Women, Janet Street-Porter played down his actions saying: "What Dominic Cummings has done hasn't had one bit of difference."

Linda Robson even said she "felt sorry" for Cummings – but Saira was livid and demanded an apology.

"He absolutely should apologise," Saira fumed.

"He is the second most important man in his country and he should be leading this nation in a time of crisis to show us what true leadership is about.

"I'm really sorry but that is not acceptable. He should apologise."

Janet hit back saying: "You're projecting something onto Dominic Cummings, Saira."

'Lying trash'

Before Piers Morgan's on-air walkout on GMB there was Kim Woodburn on Loose Women.

The How Clean is Your House star broke down in tears and stormed off the chat show after a bitter war of words with Coleen Nolan.

Kim, 79, went on the programme to end a feud with Coleen which began after they both appeared in the 2017 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Janet Street-Porter, dressed as a judge, attempted to keep proceedings calm – and spectacularly failed.

"I wouldn't want to sit and talk with lying trash," Kim said as she got up to leave the set.

"She's a horrible person. You are trash, you're a piece of filth!"

Nearly 8,000 complaints were lodged with Ofcom about the show, but the regulator deemed that TV rules hadn't been broken.

Paedophilia 'Nazi' row

Janet has also been an active participant in some of the panels' biggest blazing rows.

In 2016, a discussion about whether prisoners deserved to be able to find love quickly boiled over.

Penny Lancaster and Martine McCutcheon said they didn't think criminals who abused kids should have any rights at all.

"Are you saying we should go back to the Middle Ages? Why don't we just stick them in the stocks and rip their fingernails out?" Janet said sarcastically.

When Penny said she didn't think convicted paedophiles should be allowed to have children after completing their prison sentences, Janet replied: "You are sounding like someone in Hitler’s Germany, who wanted to control people’s breading patterns."

It wasn't the only time Janet invoked the Third Reich on Loose Women.

She apologised in 2017 after comparing parents' micro-chipping children to Jews being tattooed during the Holocaust.

Miss Great Britain showdown

Zara Holland was devastated when she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown after having sex on Love Island.

And she was extremely critical of the pageant's decision to give her title to the 2016 runner-up, Deone Robertson – including to Deone's face.

The beauty queens were brought together on Loose Women to discuss the incident, with Zara blasting Deone's decision to take her tiara.

"Deone didn’t win on the night," Zara said with Deone sitting next to her.

"If it was the other way round, I would not have taken it."

When asked if the contest's organisers had made the right decision to strip Zara of her title, Deone said: "That was the rules.

"When you are representing any brand the same thing would have happened. Having sex on TV is not ok."

Katie Hopkins cancer jibe

Things got heated between Katie Hopkins and Coleen Nolan over comments Katie had made about Coleen's sister, Linda.

Coleen took Katie to task over tweets mocking Linda's "fat arms" and "droopy breasts" when Linda was on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014.

"Every day, day in day out, [you] went on about: 'I wish she'd put her ugly fat arm away, I wish she'd pick up her very droopy breasts,'" Coleen said.

"As a family, that was really, really hard."

Coleen went on to point out that Linda had survived breast cancer and had lymphedema – a condition which causes swelling in the arms and legs – but Katie doubled down.

"If you put yourself out there on TV, you have to accept that people aren't always going to like you," she said.

Janet Street-Porter asked: "Do you think telling a cancer victim that she's got droopy breasts is constructive, helpful criticism?"

"I'm not looking to do constructive, helpful criticism – I have 400,000 followers on Twitter because some people find me witty and entertaining," Katie replied.

She was permanently banned from Twitter last year for "hateful conduct" on the platform.

'I really take offence to that'

Jane Moore and Kaye Adams' argument about childhood obesity got so tense that host Andrea McLean had to intervene.

The 2019 row was about whether the parents of overweight kids were to blame for their children's weight.

Kaye, 58, said: "I don't think it's helpful to blame parents, as a parent myself I do find it difficult.

"We are surrounded with unhealthy options, rubbish food is cheaper."

Then Sun columnist Jane hit back that it was irresponsible for parents to allow their kids to become obese, adding: "You're suggesting they're so stupid that they don't know that a burger is not good for your health."

At that point, Andrea interrupted to say: "Jane, that's not what Kaye said at all, she never said the word 'stupid'."

Kaye said: "I never suggested that anyone was stupid and I really take offence to that Jane.'"

Euros kicking off

There's even been a blazing row as recently as last month as Denise Welch ended up shouting at Gloria Hunniford about the Euros.

Denise, 63, was angry at scenes of thousands of football fans partying in the streets around England's game against Scotland after she had not been allowed to travel with her sick father in an ambulance.

The actress raged against coronavirus restrictions while Gloria, 81, insisted they were necessary.

"There's no escalation in deaths, Gloria," Denise fumed. "When do we move on? There have been flatline deaths since April.

"A third of all councils across England and Wales haven't suffered a fatality since April. Give people their jobs and livelihoods back."

Denise also went on to slam Denise slam "outrageous" proposals for Uefa officials to visit the UK without following quarantine rules.

"I'm not allowed, double jabbed, to travel in an ambulance while this is going on with my father," she added.

Denise also said she would no longer follow some Covid guidelines following The Sun's exposé on Matt Hancock's affair.

When Kaye Adams suggested anarchy could result if everyone did the same, Denise was unapologetic.

"Maybe there has to be a little bit of anarchy," Denise said.

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