Let me answer! Dowden snaps at BBCs Charlie Stayt in fiery by-election row

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt gets guest's name wrong

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After claiming Conservative voters were “fed up”, Charlie Stayt asked the MP what is going to change in regards to the party, and kept having to steer Mr Dowden back to the question. As the BBC Breakfast debate became heated, Dowden cut in while Stayt was talking, requesting him to “let me answer”.

“You said we’re ‘hearing loud and clear’,” Stayt commented. “You said the electorate is fed up. So my question to you was if you’ve heard that loud and clear, and Boris Johnson – have you spoken to him?

“Is that a yes or a no, have you spoken to him?”

Dowden replied: “I speak to the Prime Minister all the time-“

“Have you spoken to him since this result?” Stayt cut in.

Dowden soon demanded Charlie to allow him to speak, snapping: “Let me answer!”


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