Kyle's final fate revealed in Emmerdale as he gets huge news

Kyle Winchester’s (Huey Quinn) fate has been hanging in the balance for weeks in Emmerdale, ever since the police discovered he murdered Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

The young boy shot Al dead last year after entering a barn were he was fighting with Cain (Jeff Hordley).

Kyle – wanting to protect his father – picked up the gun and pointed it at Al, which killed him instantly.

This story is long and complicated but essentially, Cain took the fall for his son and spent the rest of 2022 behind bars.

He was eventually set free due to the arrival of Caleb (William Ash), who helped Kyle and the family realise that telling the truth would be the best thing to do.

And, well, despite a few arguments along the way – he was right.

As Amy (Natalie Ann Jameson) prepared Kyle for his hearing tonight, Cain and Moira (Natalie J Robb) were up at Butlers also getting ready.

Cain was telling Moira that he just wants to see Kyle before they leave – despite the fact bail conditions state the father and son can’t actually see each other.

Ignoring the rules once more, Cain barged into Amy’s.

Just as they got ready to leave, Caleb received a phone call from the solicitor.

When Kyle’s solicitor arrived, he revealed the news that basically, the case is going to be dropped as the courts are now satisfied Al’s death was an accident.

The family were thrilled and finally, for Kyle, he can return to normal…right?

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