Katie Price sticks her broken feet out of car window as videographer pal drives

KATIE Price today was seen sticking her broken feet out of a car window as her videographer pal drove her home.

The 42-year-old's legs are currently out of action in orange and purple casts as she continues to recovery from major surgery after breaking both feet on holiday.

The reality star has been left unable to walk after the horror accident in Turkey. 

Today she found a rather novel way of keeping her feet outstretched in the car so that she was comfortable.

Although it wasn't the safest idea, KP has been in a lot of pain with her broken bones.

Taking to Instagram she show her feet hanging out of the car window.

She wrote: "My videographer driving me in his sinbad the fiesta."

Katie added an emoji face crying with laughter.

Yesterday Katie revealed her struggle to wash herself in the bath without getting her broken feet wet.

The stricken star approached the free-standing tub in her wheelchair, resting her feet on the edge of the tub.

She wrote on Instagram: "Got to use my upper body strength to get in the bath legs up run the water and CANNOT get my cast wet.. such a mission to have a bath."

When she eventually got settled in the bath, her dog Blade came to investigate what was going on.

Rather than a relaxing soak, Katie's bath was more of a core workout as she used her ab muscles to stop her feet from plunging into the water.

On Sunday The Sun revealed Katie is at her wit's end after suffering another setback on her road to recovery when she was rushed to hospital on Saturday.

She sobbed “please make this pain go away” after being taken to A&E with a suspected infection in her feet.

Medics fear she has suffered an infection, which they are now treating.

“Katie was in so much pain on Friday that she was in tears,” a source close to the model said.

“Doctors have told her she must lie down and keep her legs raised as much as possible and she’s been following their orders as much as she can.

“But from Friday morning the pain was getting worse and worse. She’s never experienced anything like it and, in the end, there was no choice but to take her back into hospital.

“One of the hardest things for Katie has been the lack of sleep. The injury has made it nigh on impossible for her to get any rest and slowly that has ground her down.

“Doctors did warn Katie that it wouldn’t be plain sailing but she is gutted at the moment and everyone is having to rally to try and keep her spirits up.”

Katie could be facing further surgery due to the injuries she suffered on holiday in Turkey last month.

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