Justin Bieber's church Hillsong confirms a 'number of concerns' were raised after pastor Carl Lentz was fired for affair

JUSTIN Bieber's church has confirmed there have been further "concerns" raised amid the ongoing Carl Lentz scandal.

Hillsong Church statement confirmed that they were appointing a legal team to investigate "wider cultural issues" inside the church and that they were taking all concerns "extremely seriously."

"Since last week’s announcement of a leadership change at Hillsong East Coast, we have heard from a number of people about their experiences and concerns," the statement read.

It is important that we establish the truth and then do everything we can to ensure our church is both a safe place and one that seeks to glorify God in all that we say and do.

"For this reason we have decided to appoint a New York based legal firm that is not associated or affiliated with Hillsong to conduct an in-depth review and investigation into all concerns and any wider cultural issues," the statement continues.

"We are taking this extremely seriously and on the basis of this report, we will be better positioned to take whatever actions are deemed necessary to right the wrongs and see Hillsong East Coast move forward in a way that enables many more people to find hope in Jesus."

Carl was one of the lead pastors at Hillsong NYC before being fired for a "revelation of moral failures" and "breach of trust"; he later confirmed he had been engaged in a months-long affair.

His wife Laura, another pastor at Hillsong East Coast, was also let go, with sources telling The Sun that church leaders told them: “If a married couple both work at the church and one of them is terminated, they both will be fired immediately.

“That was their reasoning for having to also get rid of Laura for Carl's mistakes.”

The couple met at Hillsong College, a school affiliated with the international organisation, and they have three children, Ava, Charlie and Roman.

Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston said in a statement sent to members: “I know this will come as a shock to you, but please know that this action was not taken lightly and was done in the best interests of everyone, including Pastor Carl.

“This action has been taken following ongoing discussions in relation to leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures."

In a statement posted one day later, Justin Bieber’s pal assured fans he was “building back trust in his marriage.”

Justin and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, have cut all ties with Carl since news of his infidelity broke – after being friends with him for years.

Both of the stars have unfollowed the celeb favorite on Instagram.

The Sun exclusively spoke to Ranin, a 34-year-old designer from New York City who opened up about dating the married church leader for over five months before their emotional breakup just before the scandal broke.

She explained that the pair met in May at Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York, when he approached her to flirt and make small talk.

However, she claimed Carl lied about his true identity and told her he was an unmarried sports agent.

Their relationship took an explosive turn after she claimed Carl’s wife saw all of their messages – including "naughty photos" – which were connected to his work computer at the church office while several other co-workers were also present.

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