‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ And ‘Nightline’ Swap Time Slots As Newsmag Focuses On COVID-19

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which previously announced it will air encore presentations for two weeks, will move to 12:05 AM ET starting Tuesday, March 17, and ABC News’sNightline will air at 11:35 p.m. ET for four nights.

ABC announced the late-night programming swap to deliver the latest COVID-19 updates from ABC News while Kimmel is on repeats.

Nightline is devoting its show to sole coverage of COVID-19 and the global and domestic effects of the outbreak. It marks a return to the program’s roots, when Nightline launched 40 years ago with daily news updates on the Iran hostage crisis.

The latest “Nightline” reporting on COVID-19 is available HERE.

 ABC News’s Nightline is anchored by Juju Chang and Byron Pitts. Steven Baker is executive producer. 


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