Jack Whitehall doubles his earnings from £7m to 14m in just one year after Netflix deal

JACK Whitehall doubled his earnings from £7million to £14million in just one year after his Netflix deal.

The posh comic has seen his assets and investments nearly double in a year after teaming up with dad Michael for the Netflix series Travels With My Father.

Now The Sun can reveal the 32-year-old’s TV company Jackpot Productions Ltd – which produces many of his shows – has assets of £14.38million, which includes £6.87million in investments. The previous year it was “just” £7.4million.

The star paid £1,036,957 in corporation tax, which suggests he made over £5million in the 12 months up to December 31, 2019.

This dwarves other high-earning comedians such as Ricky Gervais, who was revealed by The Sun last April to have netted £2million from his hit series After Life.

Just like Jack's Netflix show, Jackpot Productions is a real family affair, as theatre agent dad Michael and mum Hilary were made directors in April 2020, although Jack retains at least 75 per cent control.

Jack’s enjoyed a stellar career with telly comedy successes such as Fresh Meat and Bad Education.

He was also crowned King of Comedy at the British Comedy Awards three years running, while his solo tours are always a sell out.

Jack went to £40,000-a-year Marlborough College in Wiltshire, which was also attended by Kate Middleton.

Now he can easily afford to pay his father back after Michael revealed in September 2019 that he’d spent £13,000 transforming his son from the "sticky-out-toothed unattractive brother of Harry Potter", which included £5,000 on dental work, £3,000 to fix his cross-eyed gaze, £2,000 on his ears and £3,000 on elocution lessons.

Michael said: "Let me tell you about this. Those teeth of Jack’s were a nightmare. They were all sticky-outy. I was like “speak properly, child”, so it was off to the first dentist.

"Those teeth were a nightmare, but look at them now, he could do an advertisement for toothpaste. But it cost me £5,000 to fix at that point.

"Then we moved up to the eyes. It was all boss-eyed and he wore these glasses that made him look like Harry Potter’s unattractive brother. That cost a fortune as well, £3,000."

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