I’m A Celeb’s Adam Woodyatt ‘used goldfish bowl’ trick to prepare for trials

Adam Woodyatt revealed the unusual way he 'prepared' for the grueling trials on I'm A Celebrity – and it involved sticking a goldfish bowl on his head.

It has been confirmed that the EastEnders icon, who plays the legendary character of Ian Beale in the BBC soap, is set to enter the ITV show alongside Corrie star Simon Gregson.

It was fiercely rumoured that the soap star pair were signing up for the show, but now it's finally been made official that they'll be touching down at Gwrych Castle in North Wales with the others.

As late additions, Adam and Simon will join the likes of BBC Breakfast alum Louise Minchin, ITV's Richard Madeley and Ex-Emmerdale actor Danny Miller.

However, it appears Adam could be more prepared than his campmates for the nerve-wracking trials and creepy-crawlies ahead – at least, if his words of wisdom are anything to go by.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other publications, Adam revealed the tricks he might bring to the show, and how he has been preparing for the show's notorious trials.

On how he prepared for the trials, Adam cheekily quipped: "I cut the bottom out of a goldfish bowl and filled it full of maggots…"

Speaking more seriously, he said: "How do you prepare for [trials like] that!"

When asked what skills he thinks could help him out in the castle, he said that he was "practical", but when he got the same question in a questionnaire for the show, he left the whole section blank.

He answered: "I think I had this question in the questionnaire and I left it blank. I don't know, I mean juggling – that’s a great skill – no, I can’t juggle.

“I’ve just got normal things that I can do. I’m quite practical, I’m crap at DIY but I’m quite practical in most respects. I can cook a bit, but I’m sure everybody else in there can cook.”

“I’m really good at drinking coffee, eating ice cream and riding a bike. They’re really not going to help me!"

Asked whether he was nervous about going into camp as a late addition, he said that he's got a good idea of what to expect as he's been a fan of the show for years.

He replied: "I’m no more nervous than I would have been because like everyone, I’ve watched this programme since it started with Tony Blackburn.

"You’ve got an idea of the sort of thing they’re going to be throwing at you – obviously they change it up every year.

"The closer it gets, yeah there’s a little bit of nerves in there but I know what I’ve let myself in for. It’s going to be more a case of how I deal with that."

He later admitted that he got some tips and tricks from past I'm A Celeb stars, including his EastEnders co-star Shane Richie, who was on the show last year.

He said: "I’ve spoken to my old mate Shane, he’s given me a few. Vicky Pattison, she has as well."

Speaking about which challenges he'll be most worried about taking part in, he admitted that he's worried about "all of them" – including the dreaded fish guts.

He said: "All of them. I genuinely don’t know because you’ve all watched it, you’ve seen it. They change things up every year, there’s a basic formula to it but there’s going to be fish guts involved somewhere.

"It’s going to smell bad, it’s not visually appealing. It’s going to be unpleasant. I have no idea how I’ll react or how I’ll cope with it.

"It’s one of the reasons for going in there. It’s to challenge yourself in a relatively safe environment”

On what he'll miss the most whilst being locked in the castle, Adam said that: "I’m gonna miss coffee, ice cream and my mountain bike".

However, he reckoned that Danny Miller will keep him laughing.

He said: "I think Danny Miller's going to keep me entertained because he is funny, he does some good impressions, I think Danny could be a laugh."

He even teased that viewers will be in for a "hysterical" time if he walks in with Corrie star Simon, who plays Steve McDonald on the ITV soap.

Although Adam didn't know who he was being paired up with Simon at this point, he mentioned a person who'd been "rumoured" to be going in with him, which was most likely Simon.

He added: "If it is him, yeah, that’s just going to be hysterical because we’ve always got on well when we’ve met up."

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