I'm A Celebrity 2021 – Naughty Boy BULLYING row as fans accuse David Ginola, Snoochie & Kadeena of 'picking on' producer

I'M A Celebrity's Naughty Boy was in the centre of a bullying row as fans claimed stars were picking on him.

Fans were fuming over the treatment of the 40-year-old music producer as more feuds erupted in the camp last night.

Fans took to Twitter to defend Naughty Boy after he got in a row with David Ginola after pointing at him to suggest he should do the trial.

One wrote: "Naughty Boy wasn’t the only one who said David should do it lmao! Borderline bullying now."

A second said: "Bullying Naughty Boy for no reason."

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  • Louis Allwood

    Danny Miller and Simon Gregson takes on tonight's trial

    The two soap stars take on tonight's trial in what looks set to be another stomach-churning Bushtucker trial on I'm A Celebrity.

    Viewers will see the Emmerdale actor gag as he faces the latest challenge with fellow soap star Simon Gregson.

    The pair will face a special Christmas themed trial which will contain a variety of surprises for the celebrities.

    All eyes will be on Danny, 30, who has already shown his intolerance by vomiting during a similar task.

    This time around Danny is joined by Corrie's Simon, as host Ant McPartlin announced: "It's time for some Minced Eyes and Sherry!"

    Danny is seen throwing his head back and covering his face in dismay at the prospect of tucking into the unusual dish.

  • Louis Allwood

    I couldn’t even get to the loo on my own

    Kadeena Cox has revealed that her multiple sclerosis was so bad during I’m A Celeb, she needed help getting to the loo.

    The gold medallist, evicted from Gwrych Castle on Monday, struggled with fatigue, spasms and slurred speech.

    Kadeena, 30, said: “I thought my MS would be nice to me.

    “Turns out MS is never nice to you, so I really struggled with the fatigue and my spasms were being quite a problem, and there was points where my speech was really slurred and everyone was really worried about me.

    “There was times when literally the campmates had to help me get into bed, they had to help me get to the toilet, and it was a real struggle.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene revealed stars got to watch Netflix when removed from castle

    At 78, she was the oldest star in Gwrych Castle and had struggled with the harsher conditions in The Clink.

    Details of the lavish stay is the latest luxury touch to this year’s show, after sources revealed heated sand bags were laid around camp and crew were leaving sweets and treats for the celebs.

    Speaking from a comfy sofa as a Christmas tree glistened nearby, Arlene said: “We definitely didn’t get our phones back, I wish.

    “The only thing we had to watch was Netflix. No news, no family contact, nothing.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene did her hair during storm quarantine

    Arlene also revealed she was able to do a DIY job on her roots before heading back into camp.

    She said: “For me it was great because I managed to get delivered my Josh Wood (hair dye) and I could do my roots. That was the biggest thrill of a lifetime, to go back without my roots showing. It was a good thing for me.

    “And then we went back into the castle we just immediately got on with the job in hand, getting everything prepared. It was cold, we had to make the fire, get on with it.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans think ‘bullying’ accusations are exaggerations

    Many think fans were over-reacting with allegations and believe Naughty Boy was not being bullied.

    One wrote: “David has been very patient and calm with Naughty Boy during all his whiny moments so no wonder he lost his s*** with him. Probably been holding it in. You all saying this is “bullying” have clearly never been bullied.”

    It all kicked off when Naughty Boy told football legend David he should do the trial last night sparking a row within the camp.

    But the suggestion did not go down well with the former Newcastle megastar, 54, who marched out of camp to talk to producers.

    The star took massive exception to Naughty Boy’s suggestion he should do that day’s trial when the campmates were told to agree between themselves who should do the trial.

    But the music guru hit back, saying: “There is no need for you to say to me who do I think I am. I’m not allowing this to simmer. I’m not going to sit here and not say how I feel.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Bev Callard claims Simon Gregson ‘was bullied on set’ of Corrie

    Beverley Callard has said Simon Gregson was bullied on the set of Coronation Street by “jealous” co-stars.

    The Steve McDonald actor infuriated his colleagues because he was “so good looking” and “got all the girls”.

    Beverley, who played his on-screen mum Liz, said on Loose Women that she supported Simon during his early years on the hit soap.

    She said: “All the girls fancied him so he was really bullied by the boys. There was a little bit of jealousy there from his peers.

    “We helped him, Charles who played Jim and I, we helped him with everything, absolutely everything.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Frankie Bridge’s HUGE blunder in trial

    Viewers were left in shock as Frankie Bridge made a massive gaff during her trial last night.

    The Saturdays singer was chosen to take on the latest stomach-churning task while hosts Ant and Dec looked on.

    But the star clearly struggled as she was spun in circles while trapped in a cage full of rotten fruit.

    But fans of the show could not believe the mum-of-two's huge geographical blunder as the two presenters posed a selection of questions to her.

    They cringed as Frankie was asked to name a country that shares a border with Italy – only for her to reply 'England'.

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans demand Aaron Dingle is recast

    Emmerdale fans have demanded that Aaron Dingle is recast after Danny Miller quit soap for I'm a Celebrity.

    Danny – who played Aaron Dingle on the ITV soap for 13 years – said an emotional farewell to the village earlier this week.

    ITV viewers were left heartbroken by Aaron's exit and have called for a new actor to take on the role.

    One fan wrote: "How soon before he is recast? Viewers are gonna hate the replacement if he shows up in the village next week or next year. But the sooner the better."

    Another begged bosses, writing: "Please recast Aaron! He's my favourite character on the soap."

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans say show is fixed so Frankie Bridge wins

    Fans have claimed that the show is fixed so Frankie Bridge wins because she's on ITV's Loose Women.

    The singer, 32, has been a regular panellist on the lunchtime chat show since 2020.

    Last night Frankie was left squirming as she was turned upside down in a cage filled with rotten fruit and veg during the Bushtucker Trial.

    She also had to answer a number of questions correctly to get stars for camp.

    But fans weren't happy after hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly pretty much gave her the answers.

    And they're convinced that she's going to end up winning the show because she works for the commercial channel that I'm A Celeb airs on.

    One wrote on Twitter: "ITV giving Frankie and her screechy voice way too much airtime every episode. They’ll fix it so their “Loose Woman” will win."

  • Louis Allwood

    Cyclone Trial set abandoned

    Celebrity Cyclone set was abandoned yesterday due to bad weather.

    Work started on the show’s most exciting challenge – the traditional pinnacle of the series – earlier this week, but it could now be cancelled as the threat of Storm Barra looms.

    Images show that work on the trial in the grounds of Gwrych Castle have been temporarily halted as high winds and heavy rain have made it unsafe to continue.

    Producers are closely monitoring the weather for the end of the week when they are due to film it, just as Storm Barra is set to hit North Wales – and fear it will have to be scrapped.

  • Louis Allwood

    Fix row sparked again

    I’m A Celeb is no stranger to a fix row – in fact, it’s just not reality TV if someone isn’t screaming that something untoward is going on.

    But many are doing just that tonight as Snoochie Shy was sent packing from the castle after a brutal public vote.

    One tweeted: “This is 100% rigged are you kidding me Snoochie was the best.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Matty Lee fave to go

    Matty Lee is the favourite with Ladbrokes to be eliminated next from I'm A Celebrity.

    The Olympian diver is currently chalked up at 4/6 to leave Gwrych Castle, or there's a 5/2 chance that Adam is axed instead.

    After finding himself in the bottom two on Tuesday night, it's a 5/1 shot that Naughty Boy isn't as lucky on Wednesday night.

    Jessica O'Reilly of Ladbrokes said: "The odds suggest Matty's going to belly flop out of the competition sooner rather than later."

  • Louis Allwood

    ‘Rice wars’ erupt again

    Matty Lee hit out at Naughty Boy and Danny Miller after they criticised his rice cooking during last night's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

    The 23-year-old Olympian was assigned as camp chef alongside Corrie's Simon Gregson, 47, after Louise Minchin, 53, was voted as the new leader.

    And in light of the change of camp duties, Naughty Boy, who had previously been camp cook, criticised Matty's rice cooking with Danny in agreement.

    Speaking to her campmates, Louise said: "I love the swapping of jobs as everything gets better, doesn't it?"

    However, Matty admitted: "I don't know if the cheffing gets better!" which left Louise asking: "Oh Matty, are you not enjoying your own cooking?"

    Looking downcast, Matty said: "No, it's just different…"

  • Louis Allwood

    Naughty Boy’s successful career

    Naughty Boy is a musician, producer, and rapper of Pakistani descent from Watford.

    He initially went to London Guildhall University to study business and marketing but he dropped out during his first term.

    In 2007 he won £40,000 on Deal Or No Deal and used the money to set up a recording studio in his parents’ garden shed.

    He went on to get a three year contract with Sony ATV.

    While at Sony he worked on two hit tracks –  Chipmunk’s Diamond Rings and Wiley’s Never Be Your Woman which both feature Emeli Sandé.

    In 2021, he joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity 2021.

    The musician has a reported net worth of £2.2million, and this is down to music sales and tours.

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is left in the show?

    Following last night’s eviction, there are only 9 celebrities left in the castle.

    • Frankie Bridge
    • Matty Lee
    • Naughty Boy
    • David Ginola
    • Adam Woodyatt
    • Simon Gregson
    • Louise Minchin
    • Danny Miller
    • Louis Allwood

      Danny Miller in tears

      Danny Miller sobbed uncontrollably in his car in a shocking new video after he quit Emmerdale.

      The 30-year-old actor, who is currently in the castle, recorded an Instagram Story to go out following his final scenes.

      The star left ITV’s Emmerdale after 13 years playing Aaron Dingle shortly before joining I’m A Celebrity.

      In a video filmed after his final scenes and posted by his fiance Steph Jones, he sobbed uncontrollably.

      He told fans he had to pull over in his car in his final trip out of the village where the show is filmed.

      The actor said: “So guys that is a wrap on the day, a wrap on Aaron, a wrap on Danny. I’ll probably blubber through this.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Ant and Dec in savage dig at Boris Johnson AGAIN

      Ant and Dec have waded into the Downing Street Christmas Party fiasco with a savage dig at Boris Johnson.

      The presenters warned he was the Prime Minister "for now" as they cracked jokes to viewers.

      It comes as senior members of the PM's top team were filmed laughing and referring to "cheese and wine" in a mock press conference held by Allegra Stratton in the No9 briefing room.

      In a link to camera, Ant said: "They weren't celebrating. They categorically weren't having a party.

      "They categorically deny any accusations they had a party.

      "And this 'fictional' party definitely didn't involve cheese and wine or a secret santa."

      "Evening Prime Minister," said Dec – before taking a cheeky swipe, saying: "For now."

    • Louis Allwood

      'David Ginola could land James Bond role'

      David Ginola could land a role in James Bond, according to his ex teammate Rob Lee.

      But the former Newcastle player took a swipe at his pal – saying he'd be KILLED OFF early on in the film.

      Talking to Coffee Friend, Rob said: "I’m not sure if he could be a Bond villain.

      "He might be a character who Bond kills because he’s taken his girlfriend or something.

      "He’d be one of those characters who gets shot early doors!"

      Now Rob is backing his friend to be crowned King of the Castle – but admits he's got tough competition.

    • Louis Allwood

      ‘Fuming’ Frankie

      Fans were in hysterics last night after spotting how unimpressed Frankie Bridge looked after being snubbed.

      Former BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin was crowned the new camp leader in place of footballer David Ginola, which meant Danny Miller having to step down as deputy.

      She was told to announce who would be her deputy – and opted for Radio 1Xtra's Snoochie Shy.

      The camera then cut to 32-year-old Frankie – who was shown sitting there with a face like thunder.

      Then, perhaps realising cameras were likely to her on her, she dig manage a weak smile.

      The moment didn't escape fans with one posting: "#Frankie looked p***ed when #Louise picked #snoochie to be deputy leader."

    • Louis Allwood

      Fans all say the same thing about Ant & Dec

      Fans were all left saying the same thing about the show's hosts Ant and Dec during Frankie Bridge's trial tonight.

      The pair, who usually insist on trials being followed to the letter, instead offered her no end of help.

      At one point they repeatedly prompted the Saturdays singer, who had to name Cornish pasty ingredients while being spun around: "Did you say swede?"

      One fan insisted: "#frankie had it so easy – @antanddec were basically giving her the answers."

      Another wrote: "That trial was pointless! Ant & Dec asked that woman Frankie the questions and then gave her the answers! Stupid!"

      A third said the same sort of help wasn't extended to Arlene Phillips when she had to scrabble around for stars in a box."

    • Louis Allwood

      Frankie Bridge set to rake in millions

      Frankie Bridge is set to rake in millions after being flooded with offers while in the castle.

      The I'm A Celebrity star – and favourite to win the show – has had several lucrative approaches made via her agents.

      They include a well known high street brand, a fashion house and at least TV presenting offers, The Sun can reveal.

      Last night a source said: "Frankie has been the most searched-for contestant on Google by a country mile on this year's show.

      "Not only does she look brilliant, but viewers have got to see her cheeky, fun-loving personality shine through.

      "She's also got guts – and isn't afraid to say it how it is."

      "She's been offered a solo presenting gig for a couple of major channels, and has had loads of interest from high end fashion brands.

      "It's a super-exciting time for her." 

    • Louis Allwood

      Never felt like quitting

      Kadeena said she never felt like quitting and her health battle was something the camp laughed about.

      She said: “In those really vulnerable moments I realised how strong my bond was with the campmates and how loved I was. We just laughed our way through it. MS is really up and down but I wanted to really enjoy the experience and not focus on the negatives of my condition.”

    • Louis Allwood

      I couldn’t even get to the loo on my own

      Kadeena Cox has revealed that her multiple sclerosis was so bad during I’m A Celeb, she needed help getting to the loo.

      The gold medallist, evicted from Gwrych Castle on Monday, struggled with fatigue, spasms and slurred speech.

      Kadeena, 30, said: “I thought my MS would be nice to me.

      “Turns out MS is never nice to you, so I really struggled with the fatigue and my spasms were being quite a problem, and there was points where my speech was really slurred and everyone was really worried about me.

      “There was times when literally the campmates had to help me get into bed, they had to help me get to the toilet, and it was a real struggle.”

    • Jamie Downham


      The celebrities might be fast asleep now – they get a lie-in because they film trials after the live shows which is LATE – but we're not.

      If you're wondering what to have for breakfast, here's Frankie Bridge getting showered in beans and eggs (fermented for flavour) in last night's trial.

      Still upset about Snoochie getting the boot-ie last night? You are not alone, plenty of people think the public made the wrong decision.

      Credit: Rex
    • Jamie Downham


      Snoochie is on her way out of Wales, probably via the closest Drive-Thru, all-you-can eat or Toby Carvery to the castle.

      Her 'Snoochie HQ' who have been running the star's social media accounts while she's in camp, wrote: "LET DEM KNOW SHES COMING HOME 🙌

      "We are SO PROUD, she’s been our hero for the last few weeks and going from not even being able to climb a step ladder to drinking a uterus!

      "We can’t wait to have her back with magnum and twerking in the studio again."

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