If I could have f**ked off I’d be gone – there’s no escape from real life at the minute, says Christine McGuinness

CHRISTINE McGuinness escaped to her home gym last night and let off some steam after feeling like her "head was going to explode".

The mum-of-three, 33, was overwhelmed by the pressure of Christmas, having struggled to get her present shopping done, and vented in a late night Instagram video.

She said: "I've been waiting to come down here all day…

"It's been one of them days today where I think if I could have just got in to my car and f***ed off, I'd be gone.'

"I feel like there is just no escape from real life at the minute and I feel like my heads about to explode. Everything is just all a bit much."

Blaming herself for getting into a pickle, she continued: "It's my own fault. I hate shopping. I hate it and I do it every year. I'm not one of those girls that's like 'Hiya let's go shopping'.

"I really f***ing hate it. And now I feel that everyone's p***ed off with me because I really haven't organised Christmas.

"Anyway, I'm here all by myself. Everyone's asleep and I feel like this is freedom. I'm happy. I'm not going back upstairs until tomorrow."

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After working out her frustration, Christine seemed in a much better headspace, smiling as she showed off her newly manicured nails earlier today.

Earlier this week she took part in ITV's Strictly The Real Full Monty to raise awareness of cancer, alongside a host of celebs.

And she recently released a very personal memoir in which she addressed her and husband Paddy's past marital issues.

In the book, she explained how she overcame her shock and upset after seeing pictures of Paddy linking arms with Nicole Appleton on a night out.

Having retreated to her grandparents' house in Blackpool – Christine's nan told her: "Marriage is difficult. I've been though it all with Grandad, and look at us now. I wouldn't be without him."

She added: "That advice has always stuck with me. People go through difficult times in marriage, family, work, life – everything."

Christine and Paddy are parents to eight-year-old twins Leo and Penelope and Felicity, five, who were all diagnosed with autism at a young age.

The loving mum recently revealed she'has been told she is also "high up on the spectrum".

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