‘I don’t care’ Amanda Owen opens up on her children’s future ‘It’s their life’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen watches as flood water rages

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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen is well known for juggling her career as a shepherdess, with being a mother to her nine children. The Channel 5 star has kept her children involved in her farming lifestyle while they’ve been growing up but admits she doesn’t mind what they go on to do as adults. She opened up about her family’s future while chatting on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s podcast Spinning Plates.

Chatting to pop star and fellow mum Sophie, the Yorkshire Shepherdess detailed her relaxed parenting style.

She explained: “For me, you know, the children going out the door and doing things and falling over in muck and doing goodness knows what, that’s all part of our life and I’m happy with that.”

Podcast host Sophie agreed with Amanda and was very supportive of her farming lifestyle.

She said: “The first thing you loved before all the kids came along was the life that you were actually leading.

“You know, the farm life and shepherding and all those things that you wanted to do.

“So, you have to retain that selfishness that says ‘that’s really important to me’,” she explained.

Amanda agreed it’s important for parents to keep doing what they love after having children.

However, the shepherdess went on to explain that she’d never force her farming lifestyle onto her children.

She made it clear that if her children grow up and want a different kind of life or career, she’d be happy for them.

Amanda remarked: “It is their life and what they live with. But, people say ‘oh you know you’ll be hoping one of them’s a farmer’.

“I’m not actually bothered what they want to be or do. It doesn’t matter to me.

“It doesn’t matter to me, I’m not looking for the golden child that takes over the farm.

“I don’t mind. I don’t care. I just want them to be whatever they want to be,” she added.

The Channel 5 star insisted she’d be happy for her children to have a life away from farming.

“I’ll say to them, you know, ‘anything is achievable, you can be this, this, and this. But, you have to do it’,” Amanda added.

Amanda and her husband Clive Owen have nine children together, but their eldest has now left the family home.

It already looks as though 20-year-old Raven will have a very different career to her parents, as she’s moved away to study biomedical science at York University.

However, the couple still has plenty of little ones at home as their youngest child Nancy is just four years old.

The full interview with Amanda Owen can be heard on Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to stream on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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