How many episodes are in Endeavour season 8?

Roger Allam says it's unlikely this will be last Endeavour series

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Endeavour is back on screens after more than a year and a half so fans are eager to know what cases a young Inspector Morse (played by Shaun Evans) will be investigating this time around. The story will be set in 1971, a year after the events of season seven. Having waited so long for some new episodes of the ITV drama, fans will be eager to know how many Sunday nights they will have to tune in for and when they can talk all about it on Twitter. has everything you need to know about the episodes for season eight.

How many episodes are in Endeavour season eight?

The murder mystery drama will air at 9pm and each episode will last for approximately two hours, with advertisements included.

There will be three episodes in season eight, following the same format as season seven, meaning the finale will air on Sunday 26 September, 2021.

Normally, each season is comprised of four episodes, with the exception of season five which featured six instalments.

Although the television industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely this is why the number of episodes is shorter.

It is more likely the writers had a specific story in mind and it just so happened to fit in around the length of three episodes.

With just three instalments airing for season eight, producers will be hoping the show follows the success of season seven.

More than 6.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the last episodes of the drama, which were broadcast just before the pandemic hit in 2020.

The previous year, season six managed to pull in one of the programme’s best ever viewing figures with a total of 7.2 million watching each episode on average.

However, not one season has yet beat the pilot episode which aired in 2012 and drew in an audience of 8.2 million.

The world’s such a strange place

Shaun Evans

What is Endeavour season eight about?

The premise for the new episodes sees Endeavour Morse continuing with his duties at the CID after a testing year.

However, there is no let-up when a murder takes place at an Oxford College and he’s soon on the hunt for a killer.

Pushed to his limits, the detective must discover what really happened as the death could have political ramifications.

Endeavour also takes on a new role of bodyguard for the Oxford football team when the IRA make threats against them.

In particular, they seem to want to target the Oxford Wanderers’ star striker Jack Swift, which causes a whole manner of problems.

When was Endeavour season eight filmed?

Season eight was filmed earlier this year and it was delayed due to the repercussions of the pandemic.

Discussing the new season prior to it being shot, the actor who plays Endeavour, Shaun, spoke about filming in a very different world.

The actor explained: “The world’s such a strange place at the moment. There is a plan for there to be a Season eight.

“First and foremost, we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to return and do any more, especially at this late in the game,” he told PBS.

Shaun added how season eight being postponed meant bosses had more time to make it “even more perfect” than the original scripts.

Whether this will be the last season of the show is yet to be seen but writer Russell Lewis has given his take of the drama’s future.

Russell said in an interview with The Mirror: “I’ll do it for as long as they want me to, but I do know how it ends.

“We wouldn’t want to get to the point where you can see the join. I think we’ll bow out long before that,” he explained, referencing the original Inspector Morse series.

Endeavour season 8 begins tonight ay 8pm on ITV.

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