How did Behind Her Eyes Adele star Eve Hewson rehearse? Actress shares bizarre technique

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes made its way into the top 10 on Netflix due to its bizarre themes and intense characters. Adele had spent a lot of her teenage years at a psychiatric facility following the tragic death of her parents. She was known for experiencing extreme emotions and actress Hewson revealed the strange way she got into character.

How did Behind Her Eyes Adele star Eve Hewson rehearse?

Behind Her Eyes follows the tragic love triangle between Adele, husband David (Tom Bateman) and David’s secretary, Louise (Simona Brown).

Adele found out about her husband’s affair and attempted to befriend Louise in order to turn her against David.

She was a brilliant manipulator and was able to make anyone see her as the victim when she needed them on her side.

At the end of the series, fans discovered how Adele was actually her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo), who had switched bodies with her.

He was causing her psychotic episodes and was responsible for her unpredictable behaviour.

Actress Hewson spoke on This Morning about how she was able to take on Adele’s intense personality.

She said: “I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to reach the levels of aggression that Adele needs to reach.

“We were doing a very busy TV schedule so there wasn’t enough time in between scenes to really prepare.

“So I got a baseball bat and a pillow and I would beat that thing right before I did a take. That helped me get into the zone.

“It kind of became this therapy bat on set if anyone was having a bad day. It made me feel a lot better.”

Fans were taken aback by Adele’s unusual behaviour and they praised the actress for portraying such a complex character.

However, the star admitted she had not fully prepared for her audition and was caught out by the director.

She said: “I didn’t read the scripts. I was shooting another film and I made a tape for it that was completely the wrong tape.

“I had a meeting with the director and he called and said ‘I know you haven’t read the scripts, you don’t know the twist, you don’t know the character.’

“I never got to read the book and get that suspense that everyone else got, but that’s sort of how it started.”

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Despite her lack of preparation, she went on to nail the role and became a fan-favourite character.

Viewers were heartbroken to find out the real Adele had been killed by Rob and he had taken on her physical form.

They are hoping Hewson will return in a second season, but her physical body was taken away by paramedics following the house fire.

Rob, as Adele, had set fire to her home to lure Louise over, and he then swapped bodies with her.

He went on to kill Louise, who was in Adele’s body, which means Hewson is unlikely to appear again in the flesh.

Hewson is on Instagram and she shared some photos of herself behind the scenes, with co-star Aramayo.

She called the pair “BFFs” and viewers were happy to hear they were friends in real life.

They called Adele’s character “so scary”, with one adding: “The best thing I have watched in a long time, also I love you so much.”

The Irish actress is also starring in The Luminaries, as well as a film called Tesla in which she plays Anne Morgan.

She is also the daughter of U2 lead singer, Bono, otherwise known as Paul David Hewson.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now.

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