Hollyoaks fans disgusted as Ollie Morgan and Juliet Quinn sleep together behind Peri and Brooke's backs

HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock after Ollie Morgan and Juliet Quinn slept together after taking drugs.

The footballer and the drug dealer bonded over their shared misery and misfortune in tonight’s episode.

Juliet began by refusing to give Ollie any of her drugs, but once her love interest Peri Lomax discovered she was a drug dealer, all bets were off.

Peri was disgusted at Juliet, while Ollie’s girlfriend Brooke was disgusted at him for partying.

And when Ollie went to check on Juliet to see if she was OK, she thought he just wanted drugs and threw them at him.

When it became clear he didn’t want them, she tempted him – and they both began taking them.

They ended up back at the Nightingale’s where they came down together and made an even worse decision.

“Why do you care that Brooke thinks you need babysitting?” she asked him.

Ollie replied: “She thinks i’m an idiot, she’s trying to baby me, she gave him away, she didn’t care what I thought, he was my baby too. I hate her, I’m going to end it.”

Juliet vented too, adding: “Perri thinks I’m a low life. The way she looked at me – like something she’d stepped in. 

“We’re big fat nothings, Peri hates me, Brooke hates you. They think they’re too good for us. We’ve done the ket, may as well sink a little lower. Come on then. What do you think I mean?”

Olly quickly followed her and stripped off as he walked out of the room.

Fans were horrified by both of them.

One wrote: "Juliet sleeping with Ollie or any guy in general is something I didn't need to see thank you very much."

A second said: "Erm Juliet and Ollie sleeping together excuse me I never asked for this. That is gross."

Another added: "I don’t accept this, poor Peri and Brooke!"

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