Holly Madison claims many of ex Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends 'became escorts' after leaving the Playboy mansion

FORMER Playmate Holly Madison claimed some of her ex-boyfriend's, Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends later "became escorts."

The mom-of-two divulged these women had a hard time "making it" after leaving the Playboy mansion.

Holly revealed the Call Her Daddy podcast: "There was kind of a shift in the group, where there was almost a full turnover. And the women who moved out. I saw what happened to them.

"A lot of them went into escorting. And some of them moved back home, which I knew they didn't want to do.

"But they couldn't make it in LA. They couldn't make ends meet."

Holly called out former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson, who claimed on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! in 2014 she moved into the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner before having sex with him.

Holly said: “I had to sleep with him first.

She went on: "I’m not trying to slut-shame anybody or anything, but nobody ever got asked to move in unless they had slept with him.”

Kendra told Us Weekly of her relationship with Hef in 2016 “A lot of women, so many women, thousands of women are so appreciative of Hef.

“They are so happy that Hef gave them their chance and became who they are because of him.”

Holly also shared she and Hefner had "basic boring sex" while they were together.

She also said though she was grateful the two never got pregnant.

Holly shared: “I knew it was because of him. I was healthy. He was just too old.

“When I had first gotten into that situation and something happened in my mind that first night I had sex, where I felt like, ‘Ok I did that. I like breached my own boundaries and I wasn’t comfortable with it.

"Now I have to make this situation into something.’ I almost locked myself into this box.”

Holly and Hugh dated from 2001 to 2008.

The entertainment and publishing icon died in 2017 at the age of 91.

Holly was married to Pasquale Rotella from 2013 to 2019, and they share children, Rainbow Aurora, eight, and Forest Leonardo, four.

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