Here’s all you need to know on Bargain Hunt Tim Weeks’ family life

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Bargain Hunt star Tim Weeks has been with the BBC daytime series since 2017 and has since become a regular face on the show. He previously said how he loves being “part of the amazing BH team”, labelling his job a “dream”. But what is there to know about the antique expert Tim Weeks?

Tim Weeks works as a director, auctioneer and valuer at Wessex Auction Rooms, when he isn’t filming for Bargain Hunt.

He heads up the company’s specialist toy collector’s auction with his profile describing him as someone who “throws all of his energy into his work whether at the sale room or on the screen and he clearly loves every minute of it.”

Prior to joining the BBC series, Weeks co-presented the first season of Street Auction on BBC One in 2016.

Over the years, he has also run charity auction rooms, as well as contributed to radio shows and magazines, so he has been very busy.

Does Bargain Hunt expert Tim Weeks have children?

Regarding his personal life, Tim Weeks is married to a woman called Alexa who he shares two children with.

Their ages aren’t known as the couple prefer to keep their lives private but they are called Albie and Bella.

He used to collect various items but stopped as he wanted to spend his money on the family instead.

Tim told the BBC: “I try not to [collect] anymore! I used to collect loads.

“Football programmes, toys, vinyls, ceramics but I tend to spend my money on the kids instead of me these days.”

He also said how he enjoys spending his free time “having fun and lots of madness” with his loved ones.

Tim jokingly added: “They all boss me around.”

The family-of-four reside together in beautiful Chippenham, in northwest Wiltshire.

His other passion in life is, of course, antiques but did have another profession in mind growing up.

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Tim admitted he had dreamt of one day becoming a footballer, but he felt a career in antiques was the “new rock ‘n’ roll”.

“Naturally, I would be playing in centre midfield for Arsenal”, he commented.

“However, the pull of antiques was just way too strong.

“There is the unpredictability of what items you will find each day and when you get up on that rostrum, the room is all yours.”

The description for the upcoming episode reads: “Christina Trevanion is in Leominster, Herefordshire, where the teams hunt for treasures with the help of experts Tim Weeks and Kate Bliss.

“Who will make the most profit at auction?

“Christina learns all about barometers from father and son Colin and Kirby Jones.”

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on weekdays at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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