Gemma Collins strips down to her underwear in the street after noticing a crease in her trousers

GEMMA Collins is well known for her diva-like behaviour – she even has her own TV show about it.

So it will be no surprise to her fans that The GC stripped off to her underwear in public when she noticed an unsightly crease in her trousers.

It all happened when the 39-year-old reality superstar took part in an upcoming Channel 4 documentary.

Called Inside Missguided: Made In Manchester, the show delves behind the scenes at the fashion brand.

The Sun has had an exclusive sneak peek at the documentary and in one scene they hire The GC to wear their clothes in front of the paparazzi.

In the show, which airs next Wednesday, the ex-Towie star is seen preparing for a PR opportunity while donned in a sheer bodysuit and brown trousers from the brand.

But when she realises her trousers are creased,  she spontaneously strips down to her underwear to allow them to be pressed.

Showing her dedication to the fashion brand, Gemma insists: "Listen, I don't do a job half-a**ed – I want your brand to do well, somebody take the trousers."

She unbuckles and begins to pull down the trousers in the street, before climbing into the back seat of a car to preserve her modesty as she ditches them all together.

With her bare legs sticking out of the open car door, Gemma  can be gleefully heard telling the cameramen: “You should be filming this – this is great content!” –  She’s not wrong there.

Meanwhile, this week Gemma showed off her three stone weightloss on Mykonos beach as she enjoyed a sun-soaked holiday with her friends.

She proudly showed off her newly-slimmed down figure in a sexy black swimsuit.

Gemma tagged herself in at the Principote Mykonos, which is described on its website as a "luxurious venue" with "laid-back opulent summer beach living."

Last month, Gemma admitted that she is finally body confident enough to wear bikinis again after shedding the pounds with the help of controversial Skinny Jab injections.

She said at the time: "It's no secret that I had skinny jabs in lockdown.

"But now things are easing and we can travel again, it's nice to be able to travel feeling more confident. I'm wearing bikinis for the first time in ages!"

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