Emmerdales Mandy star hints Dingles will take revenge on Mackenzie Boyd

Emmerdale: Charity sees Mack at the hospital and realises what he's done

Mackenzie Boyd’s (played by Lawrence Robb) betrayal will not go unpunished by the Dingle family warned Mandy star Lisa Riley.

The Emmerdale actress insisted the Dingles will rally around Charity (Emma Atkins) after she learned Mack was the father of Chloe Harris’ (Jessie Elland) son Reuben.

She explained: “Mandy’s a Dingle, so obviously she’s going to take Charity’s side.”

Lisa went on to add Mack isn’t well-liked by Mandy anyway so it’s not likely she’ll help to reconcile the couple.

“Also, in terms of Mandy’s relationship with Mack, he did her over with the money, and he set up Vinny with the gambling – so it’s a case of third strike and you’re out,” she shared.

Could this be a hint the Dingles will destroy Mack for causing Charity so much hurt when she thought she’d finally found happiness?

Despite the dark scenes, Lisa insisted she always has “a ball” when working giant her co-star Lawrence.

She told Inside Soap: “It’s good for characters like that – they love having scenes with Mandy because they know it’s going to be a fun day.”

Actor Lawrence has also teased the backlash he faces when the Dingles learn of his betrayal.

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Speaking to Express.co.uk, he revealed: “Later on, there’s a big 17 or 18-page scene with Charity and Mack together – and that was a learning experience for us all. Hopefully we’ve done it justice.

“There is a scene in the week after where Mack mentions that it kind of is a relief, but at that point, his world is crashing down.

“We all know that it will come to a point where as soon as Charity does find out, obviously all of the Dingles will too.

“There’s a scene where all the Dingles are just looking at Mackenzie with utter disgust.”

Despite Charity’s heartbreak over Mack’s betrayal, actress Emma has hinted the pair could start an “unconventional” relationship with Chloe.

Emma said “there’s always an aftermath” and the pair could go to “couple’s counselling”.

She even questioned where they will “try and make it work as a sort of strange, unconventional family”.

Emma added the storyline “won’t end anytime soon because of how they’re so all connected”.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm.

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