Emmerdale spoilers: Billy Fletcher attacked by evil cop Malone

DI Malone sets his sights on Billy Fletcher next week in Emmerdale after blackmailing Will Taylor and Cain Dingle into doing his dodgy dealings.

The corrupt cop orders Billy and Cain to get rid of a car on Hotten Road but the bad boys hatch a plan to bring Malone down.

Viewers watched cop DI Malone land in the village with the task of investigating the shooting of Nate Robinson in Emmerdale.

Fans will remember that Cain used Will’s gun after Harriet asked him to dispose of it.

And when DI Malone questioned Will about the gun it became clear that the pair had dodgy history.

Official spoilers have revealed that Malone is going to trick Will into doing dodgy jobs for him.

The bad copper is also set to drag Cain into his criminal activities.

Explosive scenes will see Malone trash Cain’s garage and murder Moira’s bull before revealing he's got more in store for the mechanic.

And it’s looking like he might be setting his sights on Billy too in upcoming episodes as he drags him into the mix.

In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, Billy tries to work out why Will is acting awkwardly and then realises he’s worried about Lucas moving in.

Billy marches over to find Cain and demands to know his plan for dealing with dodgy Malone.

Wanting to know whether Dawn and Lucas will be safe, he grills Cain on whether he’s going to shut down the corrupt detective once and for all.

Will watches on from a distance and later urges Billy to let Cain deal with the situation, warning him that Malone is dangerous.

But when Billy returns to the scrapyard, Malone descends upon Billy and forces him to ask Cain to meet him at the scrapyard.

When Cain gets a message from Billy he rushes to the scrapyard.

When he arrives, Malone tosses him a set of keys for a transport job and reveals Billy will be involved.

Malone then orders them to get rid of a car on Hotten Road.

Later, Cain deposits Malone’s car in the scrapyard as they've been told to.

But when the pair find a blood stain in the boot, they hatch a plan to seal Malone's downfall once and for all.

But what are they planning and will they be able to bring down the dodgy detective?

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