Emmerdale guide: Special episode, Cain's shocking decision, Victoria's terror

There’s a groundbreaking and much talked about special episode of Emmerdale next week, amid an additional wave of drama elsewhere in the village.

With Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) struggling to cope, it’s down to his friends to organise an opportunity for him to open up about his feelings in a safe space.

But what transpires is a chance for many of the local men to wear their hearts on their sleeves and bear their souls.

As Paddy listens in to brave and moving tales, will he be buoyed to contribute – and will it help?

Elsewhere, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is hit with an epiphany over his future with son Kyle (Huey Quinn).

Moira (Natalie J Robb) is left stunned by a big decision he makes – he is going to give up all contact with Kyle.

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But is this too far – and will it be the end of the line for his and Kyle’s relationship?

Meanwhile, defiant Naomi Anderson (Karene Peter) decides to goad disapproving dad Charles (Kevin Mathurin) by kissing drug dealer Alex (Liam Boyle).

And the past comes back to haunt Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) as memories from her traumatic night out leaves her terrified.

Here’s what is coming up next week.

Monday March 6

Matty is delighted when Amy reaffirms their engagement is about her love for him, not just a ploy to get custody of Kyle and Amy takes strength from Matty’s support.

Soon Cain enlists Caleb’s in the battle over Kyle’s future but Moira pleads with him to avoid making things worse. But soon it’s war between both parties as Caleb intervenes, upsetting Amy. 

Meanwhile, things take a turn after a violent altercation between Carl and Kyle and Nicola threatens to call the police on Kyle, which leaves Amy reeling.

Cain is quick to blame Amy for the incident but soon both Amy and Cain plead with Nicola not to call the police.

But it’s Amy’s appeal that causes Nicola to relent which leaves Cain guilty to know the community sees Kyle’s violence as a reflection of his parenting. 

Before long Moira is stunned as Cain tells her they need to let Kyle go, for his own good. 

Manpreet advises Charles to try some reverse psychology on Naomi with regards to Alex.

When Naomi offers to cook a family lunch, Charles suspects she’s up to something and soon both Alex and Charles realise it’s an ambush. Charles needles Alex over lunch but soon is struck by Manpreet’s words as she reminds him his hostile attitude is only driving Alex and Naomi closer together.

When Naomi plants a kiss on Alex, goading Charles for a reaction, he fights his instinct to intervene.

The constant worry over Paddy is taking its toll on Chas, Marlon and Bear who are all aware it’s a long road for his recovery. They are bolstered when Paddy arrives home and divulges he’s arranged to see a therapist.  

Returning to Holdgate after staying with Priya, Rishi struggles to shake an eerie feeling about the house. Hearing unnerving noises, Rishi is sure that there’s an intruder in his home.

Tuesday March 7

Moira’s horrified Cain views himself as a malign influence on Kyle and doesn’t just want to give Amy full custody of his son, but plans to cut himself completely out of Kyle’s life.

He wants Amy to move away with the boy and give his son the chance to start again. A heartbroken Moira tells resolute Cain he’s making a mistake that will haunt him.

After finding the evidence on the floor at Holdgate, Rishi knows there’s someone in his house; and they’re eating his crisps!

After searching the house and finding no trace of an intruder, Jai thinks Rishi’s merely covering his loneliness, but Rishi is convinced the house is harbouring a crisp-eating apparition. 

Marlon does his best not to convey his desperation for Paddy to seek further professional help, and is relieved to hear Paddy calling another counselling service

Wednesday March 8

When Laurel makes her discovery what has been going on with Marshall, she prepares to Colin but when Marshall starts crying uncontrollably, Laurel realises this is a bit more than teenage rebellion. Marshall is tearful and panicked as his dad strides over.

Colin throws a curveball, by wrapping his son in his arms and hugging him tightly.

When Colin says all the right things about allowing Marshall to remain at Hotten Academy and maintain his friendship with Arthur, Laurel’s relieved to have seemingly made a breakthrough.

But shortly after, Laurel is concerned by Arthur’s reaction to Marshall and Colin’s reunion and fears she’s made a huge mistake…

Paddy’s irritated Marlon can’t give him the space he’s asked for despite Marlon’s attempts with a bag of zombie goodies. 

Thursday March 9

While on a night out, Victoria wants to set Ethan up but soon realises the prospective man, Sean, is actually into her and she slowly lets her guard down with him.

But soon, a breathless Victoria has a panic attack when Sean suggests they share a cab home, giving her flashbacks to what happened with Lee. 

Amy is alone in her glittery outfit and feeling sorry for herself. Soon she comes to a decision and heads off with steely determination.

Jai tries to comfort Laurel, who feels bad for calling Colin in the first place.

When Arthur informs Jai and Laurel the situation with Marshall and his father is really bad, Laurel heads out; determined to do the right thing by Marshall.

Leyla is worried a night out might increase her temptation to relapse, but Suzy reassures her, convincing Leyla to come out and bury her fears.

Both are determined to have a good time. In the club Leyla darkens to spot Callum but Suzy convinces her to be smart about her next move.

Leyla begins to record Callum mid-drug deal, hoping she can get him bang to rights. As he’s handcuffed and taken away, Leyla confronts him and reveals she caught him.

Marlon’s again gutted he can’t get through to Paddy and confides his fears in Nate and Jimmy that he’ll never get through. 

Chas informs Marlon that women are generally better at dealing with their emotions than men because they speak to friends while Jimmy admits the community of the pub is his therapy.

Vinny realises that he’s been using Liv’s death as an excuse to not get on with his life so Belle is delighted when he agrees to go on a night out.

At the bar, Vinny shows off his dance moves to Belle leaving them both in hysterics and having a great night.

Friday March 10

As the front doors of the Woolpack are locked, the men of the village stay behind for a late night lock-in hoping to use the excuse as a forum to talk.

Cain, Jimmy, Liam, Bob, Charles, Sam, Nate, Marlon and Rishi start their evening with the hope Paddy will join them.

As the men begin to talk, starting with their childhood nicknames and life moments that have troubled them or need to get off their chests, they begin to play a friendly game of darts.

Will Paddy have the courage to join them and seek the support he needs? 

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