Emmerdale exit for Noah Dingle following shock pregnancy?

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Noah Dingle (played by Jack Downham) will soon find himself feeling intimidated over the prospect of having sex with lover Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland). Emmerdale fans will know the couple have been meeting in secret, but Chloe now wants to take their relationship to the “next level”. However, could Noah end up fleeing the village alone when Chloe announces she’s pregnant?

Noah has secretly been meeting up with Emmerdale newcomer Chloe in recent weeks and the couple have got into a relationship. 

In scenes yet to air on the ITV soap Chloe suggests they take their relationship to the “next level”.

However, Noah is left feeling anxious about the prospect of losing his virginity to Chloe.

Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb), who is dating his mum Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) decides to offer Noah advice and condoms as he’s keen to get Noah on-side.

Later, when Charity reveals she doesn’t want Chloe anywhere near her children, Mack realises he’s made a mistake encouraging Noah.

Noah starts getting nervous when he heads off for his date but when Chloe’s impressed by what he has prepared at the barn he’s relieved.

Meanwhile, Mack covers for Noah’s whereabouts but has he just messed things up with Charity?

Following their secret barn date Chloe meets up with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) who works as her housekeeper, but as they drive away an ominous car follows them.

With everyone still seemingly hell-bent on keeping them apart Noah finds himself agreeing to run away with Chloe.

But when Kerry begins her search to find the couple before it’s too late, she is threatened by two thugs.

A terrified Kerry returns to Emmerdale to tell Charity and Mack about her altercation with the yobs.

Meanwhile, Chloe begins to wonder if Noah’s getting cold feet about fleeing the village with her.

Will Noah decide to meet with Chloe so they can escape together or will he make a solo exit from the soap?

Could Noah fear that Chloe is pregnant following their date night?

Will the apprehension about becoming a teenage father lead him to cut Chloe out of his life altogether and do a runner alone?

His mother Charity and Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) have made it clear time and time again that they don’t approve of the pair seeing one another.

Chloe came onto the scene as the sister of Sarah’s heart donor, but many fans have been speculating about her true identity.

All viewers know is that Chloe lives alone in a mansion outside of Emmerdale as her mother is dead and her father is behind bars.

Jessie Elland, who plays Chloe, recently told Express.co.uk and other publications her controlling dad is one of the reasons she wants to run away with Noah.

She said: “She does really like Noah and wants to be with Noah, but I think it’s kind of escalated to them running away because she is so desperate to get away and live her life and be free.”

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV from 7pm. 

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