EastEnders fans left 'sick and dizzy' by 'wobbly camerawork' during Ben Mitchell's gunpoint showdown

EASTENDERS fans were left feeling incredibly queasy by the "wobbly camerawork" during Ben Mitchell's gunpoint showdown last night.

The mechanic (Max Bowden) was left scared for his life when criminal Stas (Adam Young) threatened to kill him and business partner Kheerat Panesar if he didn't own up to calling him mad behind his back.

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The trio arrange to meet at The Archers to discuss their scheming plan to make a bit more money, but Stas thought it was the perfect time to confront Ben about his backstabbing ways.

Despite giving him various clues that he knew what he'd been saying, Ben pretended he didn't have a clue what Stas was talking about.

The criminal gave him a taste of his own medicine with some hurtful words and suddenly turned it up a notch when took a gun out from his back pocket.

He shouted at the bad boy: "Did you and your dad call me mad? Tell the truth or someone is getting hurt."

A terrified Ben shouted at the criminal to stop, but he soon crumbled and admitted that he'd been talking rubbish behind his back.

But fans of the BBC One soap took to Twitter to complain about the "wobbly camerawork" during the showdown.

One wrote: "#EastEnders That camerawork was making me dizzy."

Another said: "Why the wobbly camera action in the garage… horrible queasy and weird thank you #Eastenders."

A third added: "Why are #eastenders filming with what seems to look like mobile phones? The camera is very jittery and looks so unprofessional."

A fourth chimed in: "That camerawork was truly awful #eastenders."

A fifth said: "Yo can someone provide me with a barf bucket after The Arches scene ? Christ that was some S****Y camerawork! #eastenders"

A sixth simply said: "Camera man having a mare #eastenders."

After getting a confession, Stas told the pair that he wanted nothing more to do with the deal.

He put a song on his phone and said that if he didn't get his money back before the tune was over, there would be huge consequences.

Kheerat's brother Vinny, who was on standby with Stas’ money, raced to the Arches but was stopped in his tracks by a gang of thieves.

Last week we revealed that Ben is left furious when he finds out it was Kat who ratted them out to Stas – will he try to seek revenge?

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