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WHILE he may be untouchable in the Square, Phil Mitchell could have met his match behind bars.

The EastEnders tough man got into a prison scuffle during last night's episode and his death appears to have been confirmed.

Phil Mitchell's (portrayed by soap icon Steve McFadden) surprisingly clean criminal record was of no help earlier in 2022 when he was thrown behind bars.

This was due to his involvement in Vincent Hubbard's disappearance and murder.

For many years since his first appearance on BBC One, the thug always managed to escape trouble, albeit narrowly.

Unfortunately for him, Tuesday's instalment of the long-running program left viewers with no other option but to accept his potential death.

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Earlier in the week, Phil made an enemy of fellow inmate Craig Erskine (played by Connor Mills) and the latter promised he wouldn't get to live another day behind bars.

Meanwhile, DCI Samantha Keeble jumped on the opportunity to tell Phil her offer of becoming a police informant still stands.

Phil was given a burner phone, after the copper learned he was in grave danger, and was told he only had to press "3" for officers to show up at his cell and protect him from any thugs.

But when he received a visit from his former wife Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), emotions ran high.

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Phil made it clear he was ready to meet his maker and handed her a series of letters to give to members of his family.

Phil reflected on DCI Keeble's deal, saying it would leave everyone he loves in danger, before telling Sharon he "won't see tomorrow."

"If I turn to an informant, it's not just my life at risk, Kat crossing the Square, the kids in the playground, Louise around a pool in Portugal, Ben, Ben on a night out, they will all become targets, I haven't got a choice."

Understanding the gravity of his situation, Sharon was determined to change his mind and get him to take the deal: "You are the rock your family needs, the rock I need."

"It's over Sharon", Phil responded, "I've had a good life, I've had a good inning, I don't want anyone to know until after, alright, make sure you give them, them letters alright?"

"Do mum proud on the bar launch, yeah?"


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"Make sure they get them, yeah? You're the only one I can trust. I ain't going to see tomorrow."

Sharon kept pleading with Phil to at least tell the guards what was going on – before declaring her love for him.

"I love you, I always have, I always will, Phil, fight", she exclaimed, before being dragged out by prison guards.

As the episode drew to a close, Sharon called Phil's brother Grant, begging for him to phone her back while the hard man was staring at a picture of his mother Peggy, asking her to be "waiting for him."

Craig and his men were later seen stepping into Phil's cell and a fight appeared to break out.

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But is this really the end of the line for Phil Mitchell?

Fans who didn't catch up with the episodes online will need to wait Thursday (July 7) to find out as EastEnders will not be airing tonight.

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