Easiest and most difficult Chasers to beat as ITV’s Beat The Chasers returns

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ITV’s Beat The Chasers is set to return for season five tonight. The first episode of the lively quiz show will air at 9pm and new episodes will continue every night until May 20.

This year there’s been a shake-up to the show, with The Chase Australia star Issa Schultz making his debut as a new Chaser for the UK series as he fills in for Anne Hegerty.

The spin-off of the popular quiz show, The Chase, sees contestants face off against not just one, but all six of the Chasers as they battle it out for big cash prizes.

As contestants prepare to take on the clever quizzers, we’ve taken a look at who is the easiest to beat and which Chaser is the smartest.

Who is the hardest Chaser to beat?

For a long time, Anne Hegerty took the top spot as the hardest Chaser to beat, but now that could be changing as the newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis has beaten The Governess’s win record.

According to fan site One Question Shootout, who regularly crunch the numbers for The Chase, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis has an impressive 83.3% win record while Anne Hegerty’s win record currently sits at 79.5%.

Hegerty’s win record used to sit at 82.4% but has dropped after the latest calculations.

However, although Ennis may have statistically won a higher percentage of his chases, he has only appeared in 36 episodes, winning 30 of them.

In contrast, The Governess has over a decade of history on The Chase, has appeared in 419 episodes and has had an impressive 333 wins.

But contestants on this year’s Beat The Chasers don’t need to worry about Anne Hegerty as she won’t be appearing on the show, so it looks like Ennis is the one to watch.

Who is the easiest Chaser to beat?

The Chaser who is statistically easiest to beat is Shaun Wallace, with the barrister having the lowest win record out of all six Chasers.

But that doesn’t mean that beating him will be easy, although his record is lower than the others, Shaun 'The Dark Destroyer' Wallace still has an impressive win rate of 69.5%.

He’s appeared in 403 episodes, has won 280 of them and has lost 123.

Following Wallace, Mark Labbett is the second easiest Chaser to beat. The Beast has a win record of 75.5% with 324 Chaser wins and 105 Chaser losses.

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