Dua Lipa mounts horse in skimpy outfit for new music video after Brits success

DUA Lipa is riding high on the glory of being a thoroughbred Brits winner — and she is already back in the saddle.

The singer, who scooped two gongs and performed a medley of her hits at Tuesday’s awards show, mounted a green bucking bronco in a video shoot for her new record.

Onlookers also saw her sexily writhing in a neon-lit outfit for the scenes, which were filmed last week at a huge ballroom in London’s Grosvenor House hotel.

My source tells me: “Dua is still enjoying the success of her latest album Future Nostalgia and was thrilled it won a Brit award, but she doesn’t want to put her feet up and take it all for granted.

“There is already new music in the pipeline and the video for this looks ­incredible. It was a massive production with loads of crew, stunts and staging — including a horse.

“When you turn up with that sort of kit it causes a stir — and the results look sensational. She’s going from strength to strength.”

I’m told Dua was suspended from the air in racy, acrobatic positions — and some of the intense routines even required a stunt double to avoid any accidents.

The Physical hitmaker hinted at a follow-up record at the Brits this week, explaining: “I’m working on some bits, so possibly there will be something soon.”

Her last release, We’re Good, came as a new track from an extended edition of her current album.

Further new music is likely to mark a totally fresh start for Dua who is determined to finally hit the road as soon as Covid restrictions will allow.

It’s clear she won’t be putting her feet up any time soon.

Mabel kecks factor

MABEL didn’t just inherit musical genes from mum Neneh Cherry – she also got some denims from her.

The Don’t Call Me Up singer has been hired as the face of Levi’s – posing here to promote their new range – and said she first got some clobber from the brand when singer Neneh gave her a pair of hand-me-downs.

Mabel said: “My first pair of Levi’s were my mum’s 501 jeans – they were a bit big so had that baggier look, but I’ve never thrown them away.”

With her lucrative Levi’s deal, she won’t have to borrow any more of her parents’ clothes.

Boyleing point

LAST week Laura Whitmore could not have been clearer – under no circumstances does she want to be written about by ­newspapers or their reporters.

Fast forward just ten days and the Love Island host has undergone an astonishing change of heart, having been cruelly persuaded by a large brand who handed her a shedload of cash to pose with some of their tat.

The dreadful ­corporation even hired a major PR agency to try to spread the word far and wide – including emailing me to offer me the chance to run their snaps of super-shy Laura.

But after she made her position totally clear, I want to ­reassure everyone that I am totally committed to respecting her wishes.

I won’t hurt or insult her by printing the highly intrusive images she is being paid a fortune to pose for, and I wouldn’t dream of delving into her personal affairs with the name of the brand or range of items she has volunteered herself to flog for a princely fee.

That way she won’t have to suffer the indignity of too many more major corporations trying to thrust further piles of wonga upon her publicity-averse person. Leave her alone, you animals.

These awful firms need to quickly recognise that she doesn’t want any attention – not from me, and not from the paying public.

Let her disappear from view, quickly. It’s exactly what she wants.

Minaj takes aim at rivals

IT isn’t just posing naked apart from a necklace and baseball cap which Nicki Minaj is doing to cause a stir.

The rapper returned with her first new music in three years yesterday and stoked the coals of her feud with Cardi B.

She re-released her mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty with three additional tracks to mark its 12th anniversary and took aim at her foe, who famously threw a high-heel at Nicki at a party back in 2018.

On Fractions, she raps: “I put these bitches on game, they should be kissing my feet. I tried to give ’em some press, they tried to say it was beef.”

At another point she continues: “It’s them weak bars thinking that she dissing for me. I graded ya homework, bitch, it’s incomplete.”

And later she adds: “I wish these bitches wanted more talent and less clout.
Stand-out star I fall back and just give ’em some space. ’Cause when you already won, what the f*** is a race?”

Nicki even appears to have Megan Thee Stallion – who collaborated with Cardi on her hit Wap – in her crosshairs by mocking her over her songs going viral on TikTok.

In another song, Seeing Green, featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, she says: “These bitches tiktoking better stick to dancing.”

And in a further diss towards her peers, Nicki raps: “I am the star in any room that I stand in. I am the stand-out star, you just my stand-in. These bitches copy my homework, that’s what they hand in.”

The handful of tracks probably won’t be the only thing we will be hearing from Nicki this year, as she said her fifth album and a docuseries about her career will be arriving “soon”.

I imagine Cardi will have something to say in reply soon enough.

Kim-itator Sadie

SADIE Frost made it as a socialite more than a decade before Kim Kardashian came along, but now it’s Sadie who is following in Kim’s footsteps.

I’ve learned she is taking on Ms Kardashian in the clothing trade by launching her own bodywear brand called Frost Body, following months of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posting endless photos promoting her own range, Skims.

Reformed party girl Sadie, who was previously married to Gary Kemp and then Jude Law, is now something of a wellness guru and reckons her new gear is perfect for doing yoga in.

She is planning on launching the collection in June and says it is “designed for mind, body and soul” and comes “from the experience and dedication of Sadie”.

I’ll have to take her word for it on that   one . . . 

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