Death in Paradises Commissioner makes appearance in spin-off

Beyond Paradise: Kris Marshall stars in episode two teaser

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Beyond Paradise is the BBC spin-off of Death in Paradise and follows the love story of Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) and Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) after they reunite in London. Humphrey decided to leave Saint Marie to follow his love back to the UK, however, Beyond Paradise sees the pair relocating to Devon where they move in with Martha’s mother.

The first episode was full of drama as the detective solved his first-ever case with the Shipton Abbott police force.

Humphrey had to investigate an assault in which the victim claimed a watch had attacked her.

Meanwhile, Martha made it her mission to find the perfect venue to open her new restaurant.

Fans were also given an insight into the couple’s relationship and their struggle to conceive a baby.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with and other press, the show’s producers detailed why they felt Humphrey and Martha’s story needed to continue.

They went on to tease whether a Death in Paradise crossover could happen in the spin-off.

Referring to a teaser clip from the series which saw Humphrey back in the Caribbean, Tim Key said: “There is nothing I can say, it did look like Humphrey was somewhere in the promo, you’ll just have to watch.”

The producer also discussed an appearance from Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.

During the promotional clip, Humphrey could be seen talking to a duck, which he had named Selwyn.

When asked if the duck was his version of Harry the lizard, Kris teased: “Well spotted, you will have to watch and see.”

While Tim added: “The duck is part of that conversation about the DNA of Death in Paradise and what aspects of the original show we needed.

“We had a reference to our own version of the houseboat in episode two, for example, somewhere a bit different [and there was] something a bit different about it.”

Tim and his co-producer Tony Jordan said they wanted Beyond Paradise to be the same as Death in Paradise, but different at the same time.

However, one key difference fans will have spotted is the way Humphrey solved a case.

“The thing that people love and it’s such an important part of Death in Paradise is the denouement when Humphrey would gather everybody together in the same room, and then explain exactly what happened,” Tony shared.

“Now we wanted to do something like that, but we couldn’t do that, which I think is a great example of Tim’s brief, which was exactly the same but different.

“So we came up with this construct of actually taking the characters and putting them in the crime scene.

“So they’re actually there in the room as the action is happening around them, and that’s completely unique.

“And that was a moment we saw Beyond Paradise become a show in its own right, and it was no longer just a spin-off of Death in Paradise.”

He added: “It was now a show worthy of its own space.”

Beyond Paradise returns tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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