Davina McCalls appearance distracts The Masked Singer viewers

The Masked Singer: Joel Dommett introduces judging panel

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The Masked Singer judges went all out with their costumes on Saturday as they dressed to impress for the show’s festival theme, which they called ClueFest. Davin McCall donned a beaded black dress, paired with some funky goggles and she even put festival paint on her face.

As the mystery celebs took to the stage to perform, viewers were left blown away by Davina’s outfit.

Charlie wrote on Twitter: “Love your outfit and guesses tonight.”

Jenni-Marie penned: “@ThisisDavina loving your costume tonight, I want to go to a festival with you!”

While Kat Pallister added: “@ThisisDavina your outfit rocks tonight!! You could be heading to a festival straight after the show!!!!”

“You’re winning in the dress stakes,” Colin Sherlock complimented.

“Looking stunning Davina,” David praised as @MLivingsNum1Fan tweeted: “Wowsers, Davina. Check out your look.”

Although, @MrTrebor52 went on to ask: “What has @thisisdavina come has tonight?”

After all the characters had performed, it was time for one celebrity to be unmasked.

However, after landing in the bottom two, Rubbish was voted to leave the competition and was revealed to be snooker legend, Stephen Hendry.

The judging panel couldn’t believe their eyes, as Stephen admitted to Joel: “I thought it was so obvious because it was me.”

When asked about why he wanted to take part, he said: “To try something completely out of my comfort zone.

“I have had the opportunity to do other shows that would have put me in that same ‘uncomfortable’ position.

“But being completely hidden made it so much easier for me to let loose and get my head around the challenge.”

Discussing how nervous he felt when making his debut, the snooker star added: “Without question being in a costume helped. That said there were still massive nerves.

“The feeling backstage before a performance was a really similar feeling to the one I used to get before going out for a World Championship final.

“I always felt physically sick, but once on stage the adrenalin kicked in and I was totally focused on remembering the lyrics, so the nerves completely disappeared.”

“It was strangely enjoyable,” Stephen went on to say.

Next weekend, Knitting, Jellyfish, Otter, Phoenix, Fawn, Jacket Potato, Pigeon and Rhino will take to the stage to perform again.

One more celebrity will also be unveiled at the end of the programme as they battle it out for a place in the final.

The Masked Singer returns on Saturday at 7pm on ITV.

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