‘Cracks me up every time’ Cici Coleman shares awkward First Dates moment

First Dates Hotel guests discuss Brexit and Nigel Farage

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The new series of First Dates Hotel returned to Channel 4 last week with a new bunch of singletons hoping to find love. Maitre d’ Fred Sirieix and his team of matchmakers are back at the luxury hotel in Italy, including waitress Cici Coleman who has shared what goes on behind-the-scenes when the cameras stop rolling.

Over the years, there have been plenty of awkward moments on First Dates Hotel, although Cici went on to explain there is one thing that “cracks her up” every time.

“My favourite part of First Dates is whether they (the dates) decide to hug or not to hug,” she continued.

“So, that in itself when they see each other and they don’t know whether to shake hands or hug, it cracks me up every time.

“It’s like someone falling over you shouldn’t laugh, but you want to.”

Speaking about any awkward moments during the upcoming series, waiter Grant Urquhart explained: “Their nerves are that high as well it makes everything so much more intense.

“I am trying to remember at the top of my head and I know there were some (awkward moments) because I remember we were like ‘oh my god’. The Cabana is amazing.

Cici added: “The Cabana is good because it’s juicy.

“That’s the area they can go after (the date) and have drinks and lay down, but I don’t remember any of it being awkward.”

First Dates Hotel is set in Italy and Grant went on to add that the staff have no idea which dates are being paired with who, although, that doesn’t stop them guessing.

He went on to recall an awkward moment from last year’s series.

He added: “We don’t have a clue who is being paired with you until they sit down on the table.

“Last year I remember this guy Finn and I can’t remember what the name of his date was, but he ended up going on a date with another girl he had met around the pool.”

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“We were all like “they’re going to be together” and when it got to it they weren’t even on the same date,” he continued.

“That actually turned out ok because both he and his date were in the same mindset.”

A couple in last week’s instalment left viewers baffled after they decided to chat about Brexit over dinner.

Potential couple Tony and Lesley brought up the taboo subject as they dined at the restaurant and the pair soon discovered they shared different views on Nigel Farage.

Lesley seemed to hit it off with Tony as the pair discussed single life. But, as the conversations went on, cracks began to show and it didn’t take long for things to turn awkward.

Tony began by explaining that he’d lived in Spain for seven years and that he loved the weather.

Lesley began: “The thing is now you’ve got all the ex-pats going on about the EU and coming out of Europe”, but Tony interrupted her, saying: “England was a much better country before the common market.”

“Yeah but what’s been and gone, you’re not going to change,” argued Lesley.

Tony went on: “Most of my life I was a right-wing Tory – I’m not sure about Farage, I was a founding member of UKIP.”

Lesley, clearly surprised, said: “He’s mental.” Tony clearly disagreed, replying: “No, he’s not. He’s a very clever guy.”

First Dates Hotel airs on Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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