Countryfile’s Adam Henson issues advice to co-star over farming struggles

Countryfile: Adam Henson helps a sheep give birth

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Adam Henson runs his dad’s farm, Cotswold Farm Park, along with his business partner. The farmer, who rose to fame on Countryfile, even landed his own Channel 5 show helping other farmers to save their struggling businesses. Our Family Farm Rescue sees Adam working together with the farmers to come up with different ways they can make an extra source of income. The 56-year-old also regularly features on Channel 5 series, Springtime on the Farm, which is fronted by Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton.

In the past, Adam has worked with the likes of Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen and JLS singer turned farmer JB Gill.

In an exclusive interview with, JB explained how Adam gave him help and advice when he started his farm alongside his wife Chloe.

As well as juggling his music career and TV presenting, JB successfully produces award-winning KellyBronze turkeys and free-range Tamworth pork at his farm in Kent.

Despite it being a success now when JB and Chloe first started out, they faced a number of hurdles along the way.

“A lot of farms and even on programmes like Springtime on the Farm talk about diversification, so even the best and the biggest farms face their own challenges and their own struggles,” JB began.

“And I didn’t have much knowledge [when I first started] and I was able to work with people like Adam Henson, and he came down to the farm and certainly we had lots of in-depth discussions and did lots of research before making a decision about what I would go into.

“That’s why I farm turkeys, with the nature of what I do, I sometimes do still go on tour, I still work with the boys, I’m still involved in entertainment and television.

“So, as I say with every farm, no matter how big, how small, how good or bad, you’re going to face challenges.”

Discussing the advice Adam passed on to him, the pop star continued: “When you compare Adam’s farm to mine as an example, he had a readymade farm and at the time he had about 1,600 acres.

“So, you compare that to us, we’ve got about 15 acres and although we’re more semi-rural, we’re not that far from sort of residential properties and stuff like that.

“We had to be conscious of space and again, that’s one of the reasons why turkeys work for us.

“So, it’s all about utilising what you have and that was one of the biggest pieces of advice that he gave me.”

JB and his co-stars like Adam have discussed the impact Brexit has had on farmers in the past.

And while it has had a detrimental effect on many farms, the 35-year-old admitted his farm hasn’t had any issues.

“I suppose our farm is not on the scale I guess where it would affect it,” the Eyes Wide Shut hitmaker explained.

“We don’t do exports and of course, everything that we do is homegrown and for British markets, so we’ve not really had any issues with that as we don’t import a lot of food or animal food or anything like that.”

JB went on to speak about the coronavirus pandemic and the food shortages in supermarkets.

“I suppose the biggest one that people can identify with, a couple of years ago, we had a drought throughout the summer,” JB recalled. “In fact, it was COVID-19 season.

“And things like that massively impact farming. If I remember rightly, we had a shortage of eggs and a shortage of flour.

“Bread was very scarce on the shelf, and so, and things like that people don’t obviously equate to the farming community.

Countryfile airs on Sunday at 7pm on BBC One.

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