Corrie’s Geoff ‘to be murdered’ by Yasmeen as fans work out chicken revenge plot

Coronation Street fans are convinced they have worked out Geoff Metcalfe's fate, following last week's controversial scenes.

Geoff has been mentally abusing wife Yasmeen Nazir for months, cruelly controlling her away from prying eyes.

Last week, Geoff, played by Ian Bartholomew, killed Yasmeen's (Shelley King) pet chicken and fed it to her.

The chicken was named Charlotte Bronte, and Yasmeen loved to tend to her in the backyard coop, treating her as a feathered friend.

Irrationally mad at Yasmeen over her cooking, Geoff decided to serve up the fowl for tea – only letting Yasmeen know once she'd swallowed the meat.

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He sneered: "Not too dry? I thought she might be a bit dry being an older bird."

She was inconsolable afterwards, and spent the evening sobbing by the chicken coop, mourning Charlotte's death.

Watching from home, certain viewers predicted Yasmeen will snap and murder Geoff, putting an end to his cycle of abuse.

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One said: "Will it be Yasmeen pouring her heart out to someone or will there be a witness to the abuse or maybe her striking out and killing him?"

Another chipped in: "Feed Geoff to the chickens."

And a third remarked: "In reality, that is exactly how a lot of these cases end up – after enduring mental and physical abuse for a lengthy period of time, the victim one day just snaps and kills their abuser."

Last week, Ofcom received a whopping 359 complaints from viewers who were left traumatised by the scenes.

Is murder the only escape route for poor Yasmeen?

Coronation Street airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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