Corrie fans baffled how Norris & Ken can afford ‘luxury five star’ care home – The Sun

Coronation Street viewers have been left scratching their heads over how Norris Cole and Ken Barlow can afford to live at a ‘luxury five star’ care home.

One fan of the hit soap said they were “perplexed” as to how the pensioners can afford to live at the swanky Stillwaters complex given their property history.

They commented: “I am perplexed at how they can afford this luxury accomodation. Ken sold 1 Coronation St. for about £150,000.

“This won't last long with weekly outgoings, and Norreys sold his terraced house for about the same, so how are he and his new wife funding themselves? Do we have an accountant on board?”

Another said: “I’ve never seen an old people’s home like it. It’s like a five star hotel. Who knew there were that many middle class, wealthy, educated, healthy octogenarians in Salford.”

A third wrote: “how the heck could ken afford that care home?? He only has a terrace house to sell lol. Teachers pension that good??”

Earlier this month, Ken bid an emotional farewell as he left the cobbles to move into the luxury care home, which is set at Colshaw Hall Country estate.

In real life the 300 acre estate is a stunning and exclusive wedding venue, which can cost anything between £3,500 and £12,000 per night.

As Ken said goodbye to the home he and Deirdre (played by the late Anne Kirkbride) shared, many viewers were left in tears.

He also had to say goodbye to his beloved dog Eccles. Cradling the dog in his lap, Ken – who is played by Bill Roache – whispered: "Maybe I could smuggle you in in a suitcase. What do you think about that sweetheart?"

He added: "All you ever wanted was my companionship and maybe a little bit of bacon.

"This is not goodbye, this is au revoir. Until we meet again."

As he walked out the camera then panned to the cabinet, which was lined with old framed photos of Ken and Deirdre, in an emotional tribute to Anne and her iconic character.

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