Coronation Street’s Leanne devastated as Oliver dies in heartbreaking scenes

Coronation Street viewers are set for a devastating time next week as poor Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) says her final goodbye to little Oliver before he dies.

She has been fighting to prolong her son's life after he was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease, however experts have been denying there is any hope for the little lad.

And new Coronation Street spoilers confirm that, next week, she is persuaded to do what's best for Oliver and let him die.

However as the week starts off, she tells solicitor Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) that now that Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) doesn't want her to appeal the court's decision, she wants to sue the hospital for negligence.

But he tells her that he's no longer prepared to represent her.

She is angry and rages at Imran and says she'll find a new lawyer instead, however after phoning a number of solicitors they all refuse to take on her case.

Her sister Toyah (Georgia Taylor) tells her how hard it was for Imran to make his decision, but Leanne accuses her of stabbing her in the back.

Later in the week, Dr Howarth tells Steve and Leanne that they're running some blood tests as they're worried about Oliver's liver.

She goes to call at the solicitors' office and begs Imran to help again, but just as a friend.

When he refuses, Leanne lashes out and pushes over a filing cabinet before locking the door.

With them barricaded in the office, Leanne orders Imran to call barrister Elliot.

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Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Toyah arrive after being called by Imran, and they try and convince Leanne to let them in.

Imran manages to move the cabinet out of the way and opens the door.

Elsewhere, at the hospital, Oliver suddenly arrests.

Steve urges Leanne to put an end to their boy's suffering and let him die with some dignity.

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She announces to Steve and Toyah that she's dropped her appeal.

The difficult episodes are set to come on Friday, when Leanne comes to terms with it being time to say goodbye.

Leanne insists on going home to get Oliver's favourite pyjamas.

Nick gently pushes her to return to the hospital and say goodbye, but she admits she can't do it.

Back at the hospital, Steve and Leanne sit by Oliver's bed singing You Are My Sunshine.

Nick and Tracy (Kate Ford) listen from the corridor with their hearts breaking.

When the singing stops they know the little lad has died.

Back at home, Leanne curls up on Oliver's bed and cries her heart out.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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