Coronation Street: Gary and Sarah’s affair explained as she hides his killer secret

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Gary and Sarah are going to have an affair after he confessed to killing Rick Neelan.

But are they going to start an affair behind her husband Adam Barlow’s back? Here’s the lowdown…

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Are Sarah and Gary going to have an affair in Corrie?

Coronation Street has teased that there’s a charged moment between Gary and Sarah next week when he questions her as to what she’s told Adam about his killer secret. 

But Sarah promises Gary that she hasn’t told him anything and that he’s just convinced she’s still in love with him. 

Sparks then fly between the pair.

But will anything happen?

Corrie are yet to confirm whether they give into their feelings for one another, but that hasn’t stopped fans noticing their chemistry.

One fan tweeted: ”Sarah Gary affair?? #Corrie.”

Another added: “I can sense that this is the beginning of a Sarah/Gary affair storyline – they always had a lot of chemistry so excited for it. #Corrie.”

A third tweeted: “#Corrie I reckon Gary and Sarah will have a one night stand or affair at some point. It's so obvious they still have feelings for one another.”

Is Adam Barlow going to discover Gary’s killer secret in Corrie?

This week’s episodes of Corrie will see Sarah try and cover for Gary after he begged her to keep his killer secret in hospital.

But next week will see Sarah realise she’s busted when Craig returns Sarah's bag from the scene of the accident and Adam walks in on her holding Rick’s watch.

Adam pleads with Sarah to tell him everything she knows about Gary’s involvement with Rick. 

Sarah eventually admits to Adam that if Gary did kill Rick then he only did it to protect her and her family. 

Will Sarah's confession encourage Adam to continue digging?

Is Gary leaving Corrie?

There’s no word yet on Gary’s exit yet and fans will have to tune in to find out whether Gary ends up fleeing the cobbles. 

But with Adam and Imran on his case, things aren’t looking great for the loan shark.

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod has warned that Gary should be apprehensive about Adam uncovering his secret.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Ian said: "Adam is secretly conspiring against him, which will threaten to lead Adam, and therefore the authorities, to Rick's final resting place."

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