Coronation Street fans work out ‘psychopath’ Geoff’s secret torment towards Alya

Coronation Street viewers were left raging as they believed they had worked out what Geoff Metcalfe was really up to, and his secret torment against Alya Nazir.

The latest double-bill of the ITV soap led fans to believe he was the person leaving one-star reviews and negative comments on their restaurant Speed Daal's website.

In the latest visit to Weatherfield, Alya confided in Geoff Metcalfe, the husband of her grandmother Yasmeen, about recent goings on.

Someone has been leaving negative feedback about their restaurant, slating the food and the staff.

Alya has been worrying about the comments for weeks, with Geoff suggesting that she could be to blame for them – with someone out to get her.

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In the latest episode, Alya suspected he might be right after yet more comments.

She began to question if former boss Ray could be trying to get back at her, after she accused him of trying to sleep with her before ditching their business for her own.

Ray had been inappropriate with Michelle Connor before her exit, and when Alya joined forces with him he did the same with her.

Now, Alya is suspecting he could be trying to ruin her business by leaving bad feedback.

She wanted to get on top of it, believing it could be driving customers away.

But viewers were quick to believe Ray was innocent, and in fact Geoff could be doing it to get Alya away from the business.

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Taking to Twitter , viewers had their say on the matter as Alya spotted another one-star review.

One fan said: "Sorry. why is Geoff writing the reviews like a psychopath omg."

Another tweeted: "Geoff is posting those reviews??"

A third added: "Geoff is leaving those reviews."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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