Coronation Street fans predict Summer Spellmans babys in danger

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On Wednesday’s instalment of Coronation Street, Summer Spellman (played by Harriet Bibby) met up with a couple called Mike and Esther at a private hospital where she agreed to let them adopt her baby. Mike assured the teenager he would provide her with all the emotional and financial support she needs with his wife, but many viewers believe they are not being sincere about the adoption. 

While Summer was in the hospital, she was greeted by Mike and Esther with open arms. 

An elated Esther said: “Summer, thanks for letting us sort this out for you. We wanted to go private as we are a couple of keen beans.

“You’re an amazing girl summer, an absolute angel.” 

Mike added: “What you are doing for us, well you are making all of our prayers come true.”

As Summer explained how her decision to give her baby away made sense to all of them, Esther put her hands on the teenager’s stomach. 

“We are going to be the best mummy and daddy to this baby,” Esther exclaimed while Summer was looking anxious. 

Later on, Summer told them she wanted the baby to have the best parents it could but admitted it would not be easy. 

Mike advised Summer to keep tight-lipped about the pregnancy before she requested £10,000 from the couple to pay for Aaron’s dad’s rehab. 

The couple agreed to send Summer the money and she later admitted to Aaron she did not have an abortion. 

She told a confused Aaron Sanford (Peter Ash): “They gave me £10,000 just like that which can pay for your dad’s rehab.”

However, Aaron, who is the baby’s father, told her the whole situation “didn’t feel right” and he looked uncomfortable about “selling” their baby to a couple. 

Aaron eventually agreed to meet with Mike and Esther, but will he try and warn Summer against her decision to give them their baby?

Viewers flocked to Twitter with their theories about the couple willing to buy Summer’s baby, with many finding them “creepy”. 

Eileen penned: “What are the odds of a childless couple just turning up at the same time as Summer finds out she’s pregnant and has a baby for sale? #Corrie”

Michelle Jones commented: “This couple are obsessed and creepy #Corrie.” 

Pam added: “Summer must think more clearly. What she is doing will turn her head to mush. She can’t even handle her diabetes. Having a baby for a couple who are way too weird and overbearing is plain daft. Aaron’s dad is not her responsibility #Corrie.” 

St Mick suggested: “This goody-goody couple who are Summer’s new bezzies are probably Satanists who use her baby as a sacrifice. #Corrie.” 

Dawn Marie said: “What the hell is Summer doing? That couple are something out of a horror movie. Weirdos! #corrie.” (Sic) 

Jehan added: “I think Esther and her man are shady and I don’t get why Summer thinks they’re a great couple when she doesn’t know them. #Corrie.” 

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV. 

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