Christopher Biggins floors Corrie Gail actress with crude ‘aged p***y’ comment

Coronation Street's Gail Platt got more than she bargained for when she went on Christopher Biggins' new podcast.

Gail actress Helen Worth was a guest on ‘Show And Tell with Christopher Biggins’ – a new podcast that launches tomorrow.

Helen was the first guest on the show, that involves a host of famous faces doing a guessing game with Christopher.

Biggins invites special guests to bring along three items that tell a story from their life.

Christopher then has to work out what the item is from their clues, before exploring the story behind the item, but things didn’t go to plan.

Helen gave the first clue of "feline", followed by "aged".

Unable to resist the obvious joke, Christopher asked delightedly: "Is it your aged p***y?" as Helen was left lost for words.

Poor Helen was left in silence following Christopher's crude comment, but she went on to reveal the feline in question was a toy cat that she was gifted by her mother at the age of 5.

Helen explained: "She stayed with me as you can see, in fact I took her when I was in the Sound of Music in London aged just 12 years old to bring me luck."

It's the first podcast that Helen has ever appeared on – and after that remark it may well be her last!

Helen has played the role of Gail Platt for an incredible 47 years in Coronation Street.

She also told Christopher why she stayed in the show for so long: "I wouldn’t have been there the length of time I have without having a wonderful cast to work with – they’re all just fabulous. I have a great family don’t I? It’s just a great job’

Helen also said her Richard Hillman serial killer story was her favourite theme in the show: "It was extraordinary.’"

Show And Tell with Christopher Biggins is out tomorrow.

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