Chrishell Stause Claps Back at Selling Sunset’ Blind Date Partner, Calls Him ‘Rude’

The luxury real estate agent blasts Robert Drenk over his lengthy Instagram post in which he explains ‘what really went down’ during the date on a yacht which is documented in season 4 of the Netflix show.

AceShowbiz -It’s safe to assume that neither Chrishell Stause nor Robert Drenk enjoyed their blind date, which was documented in season 4 of “Selling Sunset“. The luxury real estate agent blasted Robert over his lengthy Instagram post in which he explained “what really went down” during the date on a yacht.

“I was setup on a blind date back in June that was filmed for Selling Sunset season 4,” Robert began writing on Wednesday, December 15. “My friends [Tarek El Moussa] and [Heather Rae Young] had spoke with @chrishell.stause and she was interested in going on a date. I guess Selling Sunset film crew overheard and wanted it for the show.”

It didn’t take long before Chrishell caught wind of the comments and clap back at Robert. After telling Robert to “stop tagging me in things,” the former wife of Justin Hartley said, “I would have understood if you were nervous and acted differently because of that. I originally enjoyed meeting you until I started to see things I didn’t vibe with. But picking me up & then not getting up to let me out was not great.” She referred to Robert pulling her off while she was dancing with her friends because he wanted to get to know her better.

“Then you were also very rude to me when I went to say that it was nice to meet you & say goodbye. I wish you all the best and it sucks this all went so downhill. But tagging me in multiple posts on multiple platforms to trying to defend behavior that isn’t defendable isn’t it,” she continued. “I was single. You were rude. It wasn’t a match. Let’s all move on please.”

Prior to this, Robert took to Twitter to accuse Chrishell of secretly dating [U=Jason Oppenheim] when they were on the date. “Oh hi Robert! Jason was not my boyfriend here. In fact that step came much later. But if thinking that makes you feel better about your behavior, I get it,” Chrishell reacted to his tweet, setting the record straight.

Robert Drenk accused Chrishell Stause of secretly dating Jason Oppenheim when they were on date.

However, Robert didn’t actually buy her words. “That’s not what the internet is saying… and by much later you mean when we were all in vegas a week after? Sure looked that way,” he replied.

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