Chloe Ferry breaks down in tears after finding a lump in her armpit

CHLOE Ferry broke down last night after finding a lump in her armpit.

The reality TV star shared a tearful video with her fans on Instagram as she opened up about her health scare.

Chloe, 25, told fans: "This morning I was washing and I found a lump on my armpit and it's never nice to find something like that. You always fear the worse.

"So I started panicking and I called a few friends and they said I don’t have anything to worry about like it is probably a cyst or ingrown hair."

Chloe also turned to her followers for advice and shared their supportive replies, saying: "I just need a bit of advice to put me mind at ease especially with not having a doctors appointment until Tuesday."

One person wrote back: "I've had a cyst under my armpit and it was from shaving!!! Do not worry Chloe you will be fine you might just have to take antibiotics."

Another shared: "Hey I'm a beautician and been in the industry 13 years, it's an ingrown hair don't you worry about a thing."

Last year the Geordie lass took to her Instagram story to let fans know about another scary discovery, which in the end turned out to be a false alarm.

She opened up about having a lump on her breast checked out and the blonde beauty said that her doctor told her you should 'always check' for lumps.

 "The other month I found a lump in my boob.

"When you first find something like that you just always think the worst and you start panicking.

"I went for my scan and everything's alright, it's all good. But I just want to make you aware guys: I never knew how long that lump had been there because I never ever check."

Speaking later at night from her bed, she said: "There's quite a lot of people messaging me saying that they are too scared to feel their boobs for lumps.

"That was my main issue: I was always too scared to feel, just in case I did find anything.

"So this is just for all you guys asking that question: it's normal to be scared, but its best to check."

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