Bradley Walsh hits head on table over Chase contestant’s mistake ‘What’s wrong with you?’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh is stunned at contestant's answer

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants onto The Chase on Tuesday afternoon as they attempted to win a cash prize. Hollie, Dave, Ken, and Lynne were the players taking on Chaser Anne Hegerty in the latest instalment of the hit ITV quiz show. However, Bradley was stunned when one contestant got a question shockingly wrong.

Hollie was the last player to take on Chaser Anne in the episode, but got off to a bad start with her cash builder round.

The contestant revealed she works as a primary school teacher and Bradley suggested she could make her a very good player.

The presenter said: “You’ve got a broad church of knowledge haven’t you?

“You must have, because you’ve got to do everything, Maths, English, Art, History,” he commented.

“Yes, I like to think so,” Hollie replied, with Bradley adding: “Good!”

However, despite Bradley’s optimism about Hollie’s depth of knowledge, things didn’t go too well in her cash builder round.

The primary school teacher got off to a good start, but made a devastating error with the final question.

Bradley asked: “Shrewsbury hosts a February festival named after which naturalist?”

“Attenborough,” Hollie answered, before instantly realising she’d made a mistake.

“Nooo!” Bradley exclaimed, as the contestant put her head in her hands and said: “Darwin.”

Bradley banged his head on his monitor in frustration and confirmed the correct answer: “Charles Darwin!”

“I knew it as soon as the clock had gone down,” Hollie confessed.

Host Bradley let out a big sigh, making it clear he was gutted about Hollie’s mistake.

Meanwhile, Hollie’s teammate Dave chimed in offering up a fact about Charles Darwin.

“Born in Shrewsbury,” Dave remarked, with Bradley saying: “Born in Shrewsbury? Was he Dave?”

As Dave confirmed the fact was true, Hollie burst out laughing and Bradley joked: “It’s no good bringing that knowledge to the game now.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Bradley fumed at the contestant.

Despite her slip-up on the final question of her cash builder round, Hollie still managed to earn £3,000.

However, sadly she was soon knocked out of the competition when she went head to head with Anne.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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