BBCs Naga Munchetty takes swipe at Charlie Stayt for just reading from list

BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty has put her co-host Charlie Stayt into a very uncomfortable situation when she took a brutal swipe at him over a pie.

The pair sat on the studio's iconic red sofa to discuss about the World Scotch Pie Championship on Thursday's morning programme.

Charlie started by introducing some of the pies, saying: "Macaroni pie, I'm not familiar with a macaroni pie."

But Naga recalled her memory and replied: "I've seen those. It's like macaroni and cheese in a pie."

Charlie then continued and mentioned the different categories included in the competition.

"Hot savoury, vegetarian savoury," he read it from the list and was quickly interrupted by Naga, but he continued: "Haggis savoury, Bridie and apple pie."

Naga stopped him and raised her voice: "You can't just sit here and read a list and not discuss the list. What's Bridie?"

She later challenged her colleague and asked him the difference of a pie and a sausage roll, asking Charlie: "Do you enjoy eating pie?"

Eagle-eyes viewers noticed Naga's scornful look and took to Twitter, with one saying: "She seemed really annoyed didn't she?

"Her pie questions were more like an angry pastry interrogation, poor fella."

Another wrote: "Please can Naga stop interrupting Charlie and actually listen when he is talking about something as important as pies and the categories of pies. This is big news."

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Some were left in stitches as they watched the pair exchanging comments about pies.

"Naga just said 'Do you enjoy eating pie?' Reminds me that I'm trying to give up sexual innuendo, but it's hard, it's really hard," a viewer shared.

The exchange came after Charlie's awkward slip-up during an interview with virologists Dr Chris Smith and Professor Linda Bauld two weeks ago.

He had accidentally told the guests that they were only one of the show's favourite on-air guests.

And Chris awkwardly chirped back: "We're only one of your favourite duos?"

Before Charlie could answer, Naga turned to her co-star adding: "You're on your own here."

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