BBC Breakfasts Sally Nugent admits she can see change in Louise Minchin after exit

Louise Minchin discusses her experiences with menopause

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Former BBC Breakfast broadcaster Louise Minchin made a return to highlight her work campaigning about the menopause in light of a national shortage of HRT medications to treat symptoms, which has left many women suffering from mental and physical side effects. Her ex-colleague Sally Nugent admitted she could “see the change” in her former co-star, who had suffered from anxiety before being placed on HRT.

Dan Walker stated: “Louise, you’ve mentioned quite a bit the ‘wake up to the menopause’ which you were instrumental in doing when you were working on this sofa.

“And I hope you’re glad that we’ve kept the cushions, and we kept the giant mug!”

“I can’t believe you’ve still got them, but that’s good,” Louise replied.

“But that was very important, wasn’t it?” Dan pointed out. “For many people in not changing the conversation, starting the conversation for the first time.”

“I think we learned so much,” Louise reflected. “I went to it hugely ignorant at the time.

“I didn’t realise there were so many different symptoms. I think, what the fundamental thing for me was, was I was different then.

“Because I wasn’t on HRT at the time, and actually I look back at the film that I did and I kind of feel sorry for that Louise.

“It looks to me like a different person because I was so anxious, I was so shaken up.

“And I think that’s what we sort of all realise, you know, the messages we got.

“I remember husbands getting in touch going ‘Thank goodness you’ve kind of explained what was going on with my loved one.’

“Because this affects relationships, it has a really huge impact.

“And I think it’s important to keep the momentum going, get it back, it is a supply problem it must be able to be solved somehow.”

Sally commented: “Here’s a question… I can see the change in you-“

“Can you?” Louise cut in, appearing moved by the observation.

“Yeah, definitely,” Sally replied. “Definitely. You are your old self.”

Louise made a jokey comment about getting enough sleep as Sally added: “Maybe it’s all the normal sleep and not working shifts!”

She went on to add: “Women are advised aren’t they, if they’re going to take HRT, to stay on it for a certain amount of time? Is there an argument to just stay on them?”

Menopause campaigner, doctor Paula Briggs replied: “I think we really need individualised care.

“Every woman is different it would be difficult to make a sweeping generalisation, so I think it’s important that women have initial consultations with someone.

“And nobody has to stay on HRT forever, but at the same time nobody has to come off it at a certain time.”

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