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The BBC Breakfast star received endless support from her 54,000 Instagram followers as she revealed she had made a worrying encounter inside her home.

NAGA MUNCHETTY took to Instagram to plead for support from fans after finding a small bird in her house.

“Helpful suggestions to help this little one, please?” she wrote, along with a picture of a small brown bird resting inside a box.

“I came home to see it on its back in the house.

Just minutes after she posted the picture, along with the caption asking for help, Naga's comment section was filled with followers giving advice.

One wrote: “If we found any birds that had been caught by a cat, we’d put it in a shoebox with warm bedding, a lid, and let it de-stress in the dark and quiet.”

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Adding: “They’d often be fine and fly away after a rest.”

Another chimed in: "My cat's caught a bird a few weeks ago, we rescued it by giving it water, put it in a box with holes in it and left it in the garage over night – next day it recovered."

A large number of people suggested that Naga get in touch with her local wildlife rescue center – and she later had some good news for her followers.

24 hours later, Naga gave an update to her followers, saying: " Update: she's been taken to a rescue centre and it's thought she'll be fine. Phew!"

The Fans of the BBC Breakfast star, seemed to be really pleased with the way Naga cared for this bird.

With one follower commenting: "You are a caring person Naga, nice one."

Another agreed: "Excellent work and glad you rescued it. You are so kind."

One follower commented "Excellent! It's great when people care."

Naga was inundated with followers saying 'well done' and congratulating her for taking good care of this bird.

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