Babou Ceesay on Sky series Wolfe humour is ‘part of the DNA’ of the show

Wolfe: Trailer for new detective show on Sky Max

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Wolfe just made its debut introducing fans to the title character played by Babou Ceesay. As a forensic scientist struggling to juggle work and home life, Wolfe Kinteh has to get control of his affairs while dealing with some particularly difficult cases. Created by Sky and available on Sky Max and NOW, the show is a mix of drama and comedy, sat down with Ceesay to discuss the new crime series.

Created by Shameless’ Paul Abbott, Wolfe is a comedy-drama series with a strong sense of style.

Bringing together a dynamic and engaging cast, the show rides the line between dark comedy and shocking crime drama.

In each episode, Wolfe Kinteh has to deal, not only with some disturbing cases but also an increasingly complicated personal life.

Still focused on, and distracted by, his soon-to-be ex-wife Val Kinteh (Natalie Tena), Wolfe is becoming increasingly unreliable at work.

Considered a genius in his field, his frustration and complication soon spreads to the rest of the team, putting their friendships and work at risk.

While the series does have many heavy themes, it is balanced out by a much-needed injection of comedy.

With Abbott creating and writing the series, fans will be familiar with a similar sense of humour in Shameless, State of Play, and No Offense. sat down with Ceesay of the series to discuss the themes of the series and why the humour was such an important element of the show.

Humour is one of the most important aspects of the series, Ceesay noted, stressing that it “is part of the DNA of the show.”

Ceesay explained: “We spoke to a real forensic expert, he explained to us that part of what the job entails is so dark that actually if you don’t have a sense of humour, you can go in on yourself.

“You can actually be unable to perform your job anymore, so [the humour] is part of the DNA of the show.”

Amanda Abbington, who plays Dot in the series, another member of Wolfe’s forensic team, explained how delicate the show is with the humour, considering its content. 

“[The show has] some quite sensitive material, and we’re dealing with somebody that has mental health issues,” Abbingdon explained, “juxtaposing that with comedy, you can tread a fine line.

“It just worked, we were very sensitive about certain things, and we laugh, I think the main thing when you work together is you need to have an element of playfulness, and we’re all very playful.”

Joining Ceesay and Abbingdon in the main cast is Natalia Tena, Adam Long, Naomi Yang, Talitha Wing, Shaniqua Okwok, and Christine Tremarco.

The show is a six-part series, which is currently available to watch on Sky Max and NOW Streaming.

The production on the series had to deal with Coronavirus Pandemic restriction, leading to a more difficult shoot.

Despite the increased restrictions, Wolfe managed to navigate them with minimal problems, retaining its initial release date.

There has been no word from Sky if there will be another season of Wolfe.

Sky will likely wait a few months before confirming the future of the show, as is typical for broadcasters.

Wolfe is available is available to watch now on Sky Max and NOW.

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