ABC Accidentally Spoiled the Ending of 'Bachelor in Paradise' in Their Own Promo

Bachelor Nation spoilers aren’t exactly a new thing, but usually they come from Reality Steve, Reddit, and fan accounts. Not, ya know, the literal producers at ABC. However! The network accidentally spoiled the ending of Bachelor in Paradise in the trailer for next week’s episode, showing someone (whose identity has been figured out by sleuth-y fans) picking out engagement rings. The man in question? It’s a pretty big reveal, so gonna go ahead and do this:

SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t keep reading if you feel passionately about the spoiler-free integrity of Bachelor in Paradise!

Kay, so the man in the below screen grab is very clearly Kenny. A member of Bach Nation / a professional detective figured this out and sent the proof over to popular fan account @bachelornation.scoop, noting that the person looking at rings is wearing Kenny’s gold chain necklace, not to mention has his same chest tattoo.

Here’s the clip in question in case you want to do some digging of your own.

And in the event that you’re still doubtful that Kenny (who, note, did not actually arrive on this show naked) is proposing to someone, Reality Steve already revealed details about the ending! He listed Kenny as one of three couples who get engaged this season, writing (and this continues to be a big spoiler, obviously!):

In conclusion: Lol ABC, wyd.

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