Your beauty to-do list for a new you in 2022

Hannah Betts’s Better… not younger: Your beauty to-do list for a new you in 2022

  • Hannah Betts reveals the changes she will be making to her beauty routine
  • UK-based columnist picks out a selection of indulgent essentials  
  • Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is this week’s cosmetic craving 

Rule despiser that I am, I have never been a woman to make New Year’s resolutions. January to March is quite traumatic enough.

However, during Twixmas (that blissful void between Christmas and New Year), your mind does turn to how you might tweak your existence for the better.

Fitness? I will continue to regard exercise as something that happens to other people.

Teeth? Ye gods, my 50-year-old teeth! I have the best dentist in the world and the greatest hygienist (Dr Uchenna Okoye and Kemi Ajayi at However, I feel about dental hygiene the way I feel about periods and cooking these days: I’ve been doing it for so bloody long, surely I’m owed a break?

January and February would be a good time to laser away some leg hair, given that one can do it while half-watching trash TV. Somewhere I have the said-to-be incredible Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal Device (£300, I’ll keep you posted.

Beauty columnist Hannah Betts reveals the changes she will be making to her beauty routine in the new year (file image)

A beauty type commended me on my lifelong cleansing habit the other day, informing me that’s why I have good skin. Given how much slap I’ve smothered myself in since the age of 11, I’ve never really considered this optional. Still, if you are not similarly religious about the process, the results will be immediate.

As for me, I may embrace an entire skincare range, rather than cherry-picking bits and pieces, which could feel amusingly new-broomish.

And I’ll carry on moisturising my hands, as I’ve been doing of late, because it really does make a difference.

Is it a coincidence that this newfound determination occurs with the release of Prai’s Ageless Night Hand Crème (£18, No, reader, it is not.

If you’re not wearing proper, daily sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 in winter, 50 in summer, then take a picture of your make-up-free face this January 1, apply the SPF strenuously every day for a year, then pose for another shot on January 1, 2023. You will be pleasantly surprised.

My big self-pledge is finally to become semi-competent at styling my own hair. Currently, my success rate is about 50/50 when I can be bothered. Which is never.

I have equipped myself with top-notch kit: a Dyson Supersonic dryer (£299.99), a Dyson Airwrap curling device (£449.99, both, and the volume-doubling GHD Rise Hot Brush (£135, I’m also going to be more adventurous with products, even if this means the odd day with a There’s Something About Mary-style quiff.

Nail-wise, I officially gave up gnawing them at 30, a decision that only stuck when I renounced booze at 43. But I still delight in gnawing off my Shellac. Leighton Denny’s Nail Rebirth Intensive Nail Repair Capsules (£25, will make for a satisfying January project, a pot of 30 to see me through until the end of the month when I will have talons.

Hannah (pictured) said her top new habit of 2021 has been cultivating younger, more contemporary brows with Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

My top new habit of 2021 has been cultivating younger, more contemporary brows with Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (£99,, full of growth-encouraging peptides, lipids, biotin and panthenol, then brushing them upwards with some sort of gel. Behold, an instant de-ager.

I’ve also been piling on Revitalash’s Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (£110). There’s a reason why one of these serums sells every 30 seconds across 70 countries: used nightly, it works, with 98 per cent of testers reporting more fabulous flutterers after six weeks. A friend had to stop using it because her lashes started brushing up against her glasses.

None of us washes our make-up brushes enough, so doing it is an excellent way to begin the year. (While you’re at it, throw away ancient slap, especially eye stuff and anything creamily petri-dish-like.) Beauty Hygiene Plus’s The Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash (now £8.99, is clinically proven to destroy 99.9 per cent of bacteria. I will also be deploying Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau’s StylPro Make-up Brush Cleaner and Dryer (£29.99,, which professionals adore because it cleans and dries in seconds.

I don’t use sponges, but I will be giving my friend Stylpro Squeeze Beauty Sponge Cleaner (£39.99) because she uses them daily but never washes them. (That noise was the sound of me collapsing.)

Here’s to an even more beautiful 2022!


This one-minute facial-in-a-bottle from Rihanna’s beauty brand is the ultimate New-Year prep. Fenty Pre-Show Glow Instant Retexturizing 10% AHA Treatment + Reusable Applicator gives a deep cleanse, removing dead skin, reducing dark spots and evening out texture for radiant, camera-ready skin. 



Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) is a fan of Swiss skincare line Karin Herzog, especially its Vita-A-Kombi 1 Anti-Ageing Cream 

Kate’s Royal Carols piano performance confirmed that she has never looked more glowing as she heads towards 40 on January 9. She’s a fan of Swiss skincare line Karin Herzog, especially its Vita-A-Kombi 1 Anti-Ageing Cream (£67, However, the fresh gleam could be attributable to Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (£15.32,, which she discovered while pregnant with Charlotte.


Launching on January 4 when we’ll all be craving help, Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is her solution for those seeking a low-key, medium‑coverage skincare/foundation hybrid.

In 30 shades, its stretch- and-glow formula creates a gleaming finish, full of supercharged active ingredients, making it perfect for midlife complexions.

Rosewater and oil supplant signs of stress with luminosity, while polysaccharides bond with water for a fetching plumpness.

The result: ‘bouncy’ beautiful skin that you can pretend was bestowed upon you by Mother Nature.


If you fancy glitter eyes or lips for New Year’s Eve, this is your base for showgirl sparkle.

A lovely big 150g pot of essential oil-filled balm that soothes away all ills.

I long to lounge about in this black satin turban adorned with baguette-cut crystals.

I gifted myself one of these and it is very heaven.

 Eight gorgeous, sheer shades to swipe on. Simply beautiful on top of your base or bare skin.

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