‘Worst cold ever’ doesn’t have to stop you sleeping – 5 tips to beating lurgy

Cold and flu season is truly upon us with many people claiming to be struck down with what is being described as the 'worst cold ever' and ‘worst lurgy’.

Many people have started to claim the cold has left them feeling 'rundown' and 'drained'.

Having a cold is not fun, but attempting to sleep with a cold is a whole other level of struggle.

Sleep is crucial to recovering but can seem like an impossible task when you are infected with a cold.

In light of the spread of the ‘worst cold ever’, we have compiled an easy to follow guide with the help of MattressNextDay to enable you to get the best sleep when you are feeling under the weather.

1. Jump in a hot shower to clear out your sinuses

Struggling to sleep because of a bunged up nose is never fun. That’s why taking a hot steamy shower before bed may reduce the mucus in your sinuses by thinning and draining it out. Therefore, making it easier to breathe and sleep better.

Fancy going one step further to really try and kick the congestion?

Then it is thought that hanging a bag of lavender or peppermint around your shower head can help add some essential oils to the steam which can give extra relief to your sinuses.

2. Freeze your pillowcase and bed sheets before bed

Trying to sleep in a room that is too stuffy and when you are stuffed up with a cold yourself is a factor that could prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. It is thought that to create the best sleeping environment, you should keep your bedroom between 16 to 18°C.

Instead of wasting electricity by whacking on the fan, you could place your pillowcase and bed sheets in a zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer.

This chills the linen and ultimately makes you cooler in bed which helps beat discomfort from night sweats.

3. Don't count sheep but think of the beach

It is often thought that counting sheep when you are fighting to get to sleep is the answer.

However, researchers from University of Oxford found that it is too boring to bash your sleep troubles away. Instead of imagining the fluffy farm animals, it is thought that picturing a sandy beach or a waterfall scene whilst listening to white noise is a more relaxing method.

4. Get your toes flexing

Imagining beaches not doing it for you? Well, sleep experts at the University of Maryland have found this easy trick can allow you to fall into relaxation enabling you to sleep that cold away.

Apparently, the answer is in your toes.

After feeling a bit tense with not getting enough sleep, tensing and relaxing your toes for a count of 10 each time draws attention away from the rest of your body aiding you back to relaxation.

Ultimately, getting you back off to sleep.

5. Stack up your pillows

Now in bed, lying down flat can cause mucus to build up in your throat which can lead to a long night of coughing and a lack of sleep.

To prevent this from happening, it is suggested that you should stack up your pillows so that your head is elevated and that you are not lying flat.

This shifts the blood flow down and helps to shift the mucus out of your sinuses.

However, try not to go overboard on the pillow stacking as this could lead to back pain and overall discomfort.

Therefore, using two pillows is recommended.

Following this easy list should help you tackle your struggle to sleep when unwell with a cold.

However, if your symptoms are causing you real concern then you should contact your GP for advice.

Let us know in the comments if you are suffering from the ‘worst cold ever’.

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