Women praised for normalising belly bloat as they flaunt their food babies

Wining and dining in good company is often one of the most enjoyable activities.

However, most of us have suffered from after dinner bloat which can often make the rest of the night less fun.

The task of unzipping your jeans and slouching back into the chair is quite the after dinner ritual.

In an act of insecurity, many of us try to hide our food filled bellies.

But, this group of friends have decided to embrace their ‘food babies’ after attending a bottomless brunch.

And have been overwhelmingly praised for normalising belly bloat.

Posting under the username @tobiasfunkestan, a woman has shared her and her mates post-dinner bloat to TikTok.

She captioned the post: “Food babies – bottomless Thai brunch edition!”

The group of 10 pals all took it in turn to flaunt their full bellies in the uplifting video.

Stunning in a white cut-out-dress, a blonde woman can be seen posing with her hands on her hips.

She then relaxes and pushes her “food baby” belly out.

Hilariously, she rubs her stomach as if she was expecting.

In the now viral clip, eight women and one lad follow suit all exposing their after dinner guts and embracing their stomach as if they were carrying a child.

Since being posted less than 24 hours ago, the video has already racked up 186,000 views and 19,000 likes.

Inspired by the friends' food-babies, many people fled to the comments to thank them for ‘normalising’ belly bloat.

One person commented: “Ah I love this so much! Thank you for making me realise my body is normal the way it is.”

Another user added: “This is so important for girls young and old to see.”

As a third person voiced: “This made me feel so normal.”

Someone else said: “Yesss normalise food babies we love to see it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user praised: “Loving this ladies, You all look gorgeous.”

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